Carl Prouty
Began career in Sales in 2000
Member of Internet Sales staff since 2002
888.228.5800 ext. 2741

About Me
I have been at Abt since 2002. I started off in electronic service and worked my way out to small electronics where I focused on camcorders and digital cameras. From there I went to phone sales where I learned to sell appliances and large electronics like TVs and audio equipment. After spending a year in phone sales I moved into internet sales.

I am a huge fan of almost any type of music and I love playing any kind of sports. I currently own a Denon receiver with Definitive Technologies speakers and a Sony LCD projection TV. I have a Canon digital camera and Sony digital camcorder. All of my appliances are GE. My favorite thing that I currently own is a Ball Fireman 43mm watch.

"Remember that no matter how bad the economy gets, patience and kindness are always free."