Jarrett Salat
Began career in Sales in 2006
Member of Internet Sales staff since 2011
888.228.5800 ext. 2664

About Me
I am a huge fan of any and all sports, but I’m especially passionate about the Bears and Cubs. Aside from hoping for a championship parade, my interests include reading- novels (notably mystery, horror, and history) and comic books- and playing games and watching movies on my PS3. I also enjoy traveling and trying new and exotic foods, with my favorite cuisine being French (for now).

My favorite part of my job is each day providing the same level of service, knowledge, and kindness that I experienced as an Abt customer.

“The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.”

Customer Testimonials
So what is someone from California writing a review for a store in Chicago? Well because I had the most professional and courteous purchase experience online and via phone calls. The prices were the best I could find and the salespeople especially Joshua and Jarrett were top notch. It is hard to imagine where they might improve. I just ordered my Macbook and am waiting for it so will update the review when I get it. So far very impressed!
Reviewed by Fred J. from Sacramento, CA.