Sean West
Began career in Sales in 2003
Computer and Electronic Specialist since 2004

Member of Internet Sales staff since 2010
888.228.5800 ext. 2519

About Me
I first began as a Toshiba rep teaching salesman key features about Toshiba computers and the ways to demo them to the customer. After that I decided I really enjoyed electronics and TV's so I became a Panasonic representative. Down the road from there I started shopping at a wonderful store named Abt, and decided this is where I should be working. I then learned a lot about appliances and began selling every product in the store. The one thing I enjoy most about sales at Abt is hearing "thank you" from the happy customers because of the knowledge, service and great products they receive from our store. Let's face it, wouldn't you rather shop at a store with sales people that know what they are talking about? I know I would, that’s why I shop at Abt.