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What You Need


1. What You Need

2. Tivo® Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
The TiVo Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a device you connect to your TV and your TV signal source so it can record TV shows and make them easily available for you to play back later. It uses a hard disk drive instead of video tapes for storing shows.

There are several models of TiVo DVRs available, starting at $99.99 (or $299.99 for models that support high-definition.)

TiVo service is required; the TiVo DVR will not work without a paid subscription to the TiVo service.

3. Phone Line
TiVo connects to your existing phone line. But don't worry: TiVo® will never interfere with your phone service.

The TiVo DVR works best if it is connected to a home network and high-speed Internet connection, but if you don’t have that available in your home, you can simply plug an existing phone line into the back of the DVR. You can use a long phone cable and a phone splitter to share a phone jack with a regular phone.

Broadband Connection

If you have a high-speed internet connection in your home (typically from DSL or a cable modem) then you can connect your TiVo DVR to broadband and get access to additional features like movie, TV, and music video downloads; the ability to share photos and home videos with friends and family; and music from internet radio stations, podcasts, and even the Rhapsody music service.

But don’t worry if you can’t connect your TiVo DVR to the Internet – as long as you connect it to an existing phone line, TiVo will still find and record all of your favorite shows, keep your TV schedule up-to-date, and make sure your TiVo DVR has the latest updates.

All you need to do is plug an Ethernet cable into the back of your TiVo DVR, or connect the TiVo wireless adapter if you have a wireless network in your home.

4. Tivo® Service
The TiVo DVR needs to regularly connect to the TiVo service in order to stay current with the TV schedule and updates.

New TiVo Service Pricing: Save Money & Get Ultimate Flexibility

  • Pay as you go: $12.95/month with a one-year subscription!

– or –

  • Get 2 months free1 by prepaying $129 for one year of service!
  • Get one year free1 by prepaying $299 for three years of service!
  • Get a product lifetime service subscription for $3992

– and –

The savings multiply with each additional TiVo you own

  • MultiService Discounts available for the following plans3
    • $9.95/mo for each additional TiVo DVR when service is paid monthly
    • $99/year for each additional TiVo DVR when service is prepaid
    • $299 for each additional TiVo DVR with product lifetime service subscription

1When compared with monthly subscription price.

2Product lifetime subscription covers the life of the TiVo DVR you buy – not the life of the subscriber.

It is not transferable to another DVR.

3Price Listed is per each additional TiVo DVR, with a five DVR limit.

Prices subject to change without notice.

5. Program Source
The TiVo DVR requires a source for television programming for it to record. You may be getting your TV from an antenna, from a satellite dish on your roof, or from a local cable or phone company.

There are TiVo DVRs that work with:

  • Cable (basic, digital, and high-definition)
  • Antenna (analog and digital)
  • Satellite (standard-definition only)
  • Phone company (AT&T, Verizon, Quest)

TiVo DVRs do NOT work with:

  • High-definition Satellite

TiVo is also compatible with virtually any:
DVD Players
Most TVs

6. And of course a TV
HDTV or Standard TV


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