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Videos for Everpure H-300-NXT Drinking Water System - EV927151

Pentair Everpure is a popular choice for bringing quality drinking water to restaurants. With the H-300-NXT system, you can have the same pure-tasting water at home. Certified by the NSF and proven to reduce pharmaceuticals that can be found in water alongside pesticides, herbicides and manufacturing chemicals, this filter is ready to tackle what's in your water. Other perks? This in-line system helps to keep lime and scale from building up in appliances that use water, while the brand's Micro-Pure filtration provides additional protection. To help shoppers better understand what filtration can look like for different homes, our video team has crafted this playlist, complete with our in-line water filter buying guide. Here, we discuss the difference between an in-line filter and the reverse osmosis process. To learn more, press play and see how our experts describe the difference.

Here, we discuss the compact in-line filters and the multi-stage reverse osmosis models. To boil it down, reverse osmosis systems give you the purest water possible, but take up more space and also remove the helpful minerals you can find in your H2O. Meanwhile, in-line units like this model by Pentair Everpure are more compact and bring better taste to every sip, all while removing chlorine and similar elements. However, they can't remove some of the tougher stuff like heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. At the end of the day, it's up to you to choose what's best to prioritize. Consider that this model is mighty enough to strip away what was mentioned earlier: pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and manufacturing chemicals. To learn more, give our team a call at [phone} and we'll be happy to help you find the right water filter for your needs.