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Videos for Everpure H-54 Drinking Water System - H54 (EV925267)

In search of water that's both better for your health and tastes better on your tongue? Meet the Everpure H-54 drinking water system. Designed to make your tap water better for you, this in-line water system is made to last; but is it made for you? To learn more about water filters like this one, watch this in-line water filter buying guide from our video gallery. In this video, we compare classic in-line systems with reverse osmosis versions. Both take up space beneath a kitchen space, though in-line models are easier to manage when it comes to square footage.

Now it's time to discuss the real differences between these different filters. In-line filters like the H-54 by Everpure are crafted to perform two main tasks: improve your water's taste and remove elements that are harmful, like chlorine. If you're looking for a water purification system that can remove viruses, bacteria and more, a reverse osmosis system would be a better pick. That being said, reverse osmosis systems do leave out the healthy minerals your body needs, like flouride. To keep these in your system, opt for an in-line system like this model from Everpure. To learn more, call our team of experts at 800-860-3577 and we can discuss which options might be best for you.