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Videos for Frigidaire ReadyCook Range Air Fry Tray - AIRFRYTRAY

If you're a home cook looking to expand your recipe possibilities, consider adding the Frigidaire ReadyCook range air fry tray to your collection. But before you begin your purchase, explore our included video gallery. Here, we'll tell you how to properly use this tray to create the most delicious meals. This Frigidaire appliance provides the flavorful bite and crispy texture of the deep-fried food you love to any item you cook, minus the unhealthy addition of oil. The design of the tray allows hot air to penetrate every side, which results in quicker cooking times and even heat distribution. It will also save you plenty of counter room as it's used in your Frigidaire range, rather than requiring a separate small appliance.

If you've never tried a range accessory like an air fry tray, watch our videos to get an idea of the process. Learn how to cook with this product the right way and other handy tips that will reduce your time spent cleaning afterward, including the use of nonstick spray and placing a foil-lined tray below your air frying accessory. If our step-by-step tutorials leave you with any questions, feel free to contact our team of experts for additional assistance at 800-860-3577.