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Videos for Delkin Devices DASHCARD 32GB microSD Memory Card For Dash Cameras - DMSDDSH32

If you're searching for a new memory card for your dash cam, you're in the right place with Delkin. Our team of experts at Abt has put together the perfect video gallery to help viewers learn all about what they need for their new dash cam. Start with our video, Memory Cards Explained. Here, Caitlin walks us through the different kinds of cards available, and where they're best used. If you'd like to know what the numbers on the front of your memory card stand for (UDMA, anyone?) this is a fast way to have questions answered. From mirrorless cameras to cell phones, all kinds of devices need to store data and have it removed. Popular models include compact flash cards, SD and microSD card.

This Delkin DASHCARD memory card is microSD, which is one of the most popular and flexible models on the market today. You can find these in digital cameras, drones and even some phones. This 32GB model made for dash cams, cameras at the front of your car that capture looping video, is a perfect example of a car safety essential. To learn more about this and other memory cards, call our team of Abt's auto experts at 800-860-3577.