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Videos for Marshall Willen Black/Brass Portable Bluetooth Loudspeaker - 1006059

It's easier than ever to bring high-quality sound around in your pocket than with the Marshall Willen, a mighty but portable Bluetooth speaker. This stylish, rugged, and eco-friendly speaker is great for taking music on the go thanks to its IP67 dust- and water-resistance rating, but is it right for you and your musical needs? Shoppers need to know, and we want to help you learn with the help of a quick video playlist. Our video gallery for this product is dominated by our wireless speaker buying guide, which covers all the different ways you can listen to music wirelessly. Begin with this video to learn whether the Willen is ready to come along on your adventures.

Our experts start the video off with the comment that all wireless speakers are not the same; in fact, smart home speakers that plug into power are often grouped in the same category. However, this portable version is rechargeable and works via Bluetooth, can go anywhere you do, and holds a lot of power. Three hours of charging packs this speaker with over 15 hours of music. And with its budget-friendly price, you can still get the quality sound that Marshall is renowned for, in a smaller package. To learn more about this wireless speaker, reach out to our team at 800-860-3577 or research on your own with our written wireless speaker buying guide.