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Abt's page of trending videos is sure to show off exactly what our customers are watching. Whether you're searching for a new product that's sweeping the web or are hoping to learn how to install a refrigerator, you'll find what you need here. Our video team collaborates with our installers, sales experts and other in-house specialists to create these popular clips. Each is designed to help viewers tackle different tasks, whether they're shopping for a new product or are hoping to install an appliance on their own (it can be easier than you think with a little expert advice).

The collection of trending videos in our our video gallery might adjust with time, but there are a few types of clips that stay popular, like "How-To" videos and our in-depth buying guides. Our "How-To" videos put the power in the hands of the viewer, bringing appliance and electronics education home. Our buying guides do the same thing, but help watchers to understand different products before they consider buying them. These are always our most popular trending videos—likely because they're relatively timeless, and everyone needs this practical knowledge before accomplishing a task like installing a dishwasher or buying a TV. Explore our collection of trending videos to see just what people love to watch at Abt, and you might just learn a thing or two.