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The Abt fishtank was created to showcase the image quality of our selection of camcorders and cameras. It was built in 2003 by using 3-inch acrylic panels with clear corners that were chemically fused for strength. Reinforced fiberglass was used for both top and bottom caps to tie the panels together. An 8-inch eye beam was placed in the center to help control flexing of the panels due to the stress of the 60,000 lbs. of the water on the panels.

Abt Aquarium
Built By: John Kozin (PlexTex)
Maintained By: Joe McCartny(Neptune Aquariums)

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Aquatic Design
An artificial coral reef seen in the tank was reproduced from a real section of the Great Barrier Reef. Molds were made from both concrete and rubber then colorized to reproduce an authentic looking reef. This presents a similar feel to what divers experience when going through the actual Great
Barrier Reef.
With over 100 fish in the tank, feedings are done daily by Abts own in-house staff. Abt uses a mixture of foods that include both meat and plant life. Our goal is to promote the healthy growth of the fish in our tanks by providing proper nutrition for a wide variety of fish.
Water is piped 150 feet to a filtration room where it is run through both mechanical and biological filtration media. It is then oxygenated, refrigerated to the proper temperature and finally processed through a protein skimmer to take out any left over contaminants in the water. It is then returned to the tanks as clean as the ocean.
A diver in a wetsuit with compressed air goes into the tank twice a week to keep the tank in its pristine looking condition. This can get a little scary since he must dive with Moray Eels, a 2.5 foot Leopard Shark and an assortment of other meat eating fish such as Puffers and Triggers. The diver uses both brushes and a high-pressure water sprayer to clean the acrylic and the coral. Having the tank looking as flawless as possible is important because it is used for both the pleasure of our customers and as a camcorder display where the colors of the fish bring out the best in the cameras.
Abt Electronics Fish Tank
Tank Dimensions: 20 ft long, 8 ft tall, 8 ft deep
Volume of Water: 7,500 gallons
Weight of Tank: 8,000 lbs
Weight of Water in Tank: 60,000 lbs