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Carpet Cleaners & Steam Cleaners

Big messes don't stand a chance when you have a carpet cleaner on your side. Carpet cleaners offer deeper cleaning than vacuums and are great for eliminating stains or odors that have settled into soft surfaces. Our selection of floor cleaners includes both full-size and portable options from trusted brands like Bissell. Full-sized carpet cleaners are used in a similar way to an upright vacuum cleaner that you push around your home. A portable cleaner helps you easily clean other fabrics in your home, whether it's the upholstery on your sofa or the seats in your car. They're lightweight with a large handle so they're easy and comfortable to use. If you have a furry friend or two at home, you might want to invest in a pet carpet cleaner. Pets create specific messes that need to be cleaned properly to remove stains or odors. Abt also offers professional-grade carpet cleaners for your biggest messes. Whether you own a rental property or just want the most powerful cleaning for your home, a professional cleaner is a must-have for deep cleaning carpet. On the other hand, if you're looking for a smaller, more compact model, we offer those as well. No matter which of our cleaning devices you choose, you'll enjoy a cleaner home and less irritation for people with asthma and allergies. Clean carpets mean better air quality in your home. Regular carpet cleaning also extends the life of your carpet because built-up contaminants can split or fray the fibers. It's time for your carpet to look brand new again.

Even if you don't have carpet in your home, your floors still need to be cleaned often. A steam cleaner or steam mop provides deep cleaning for sealed hard floors, whether your home has hardwood, ceramic, tile, or marble floors. It's crucial that your floors are sealed or else they can get damaged by the steam. Steam mops provide a deeper, faster clean than traditional mops; there's no messy bucket of water that has to be dumped and replaced with clean water and steam helps to kill bacteria and dust mites on your floor. We also offer handheld steam cleaners to get those hard-to-reach spots that a full-sized steam mop can't get to. There are models that combine both an upright steamer and a handheld steamer so you can buy one product that does it all. You can also shop our steam mops specifically designed for pet owners. A steam cleaner is a great option to use around pets because it only uses water to clean your floors so there's no chemical residue that can make your pets sick. While these cleaners can remove stubborn spills, they're not designed for months of caked-on mess. Be sure to use your steam cleaner regularly and change the mop pad often and occasionally deep clean your floor with a good scrub. To learn more about these appliances, you can read our vacuum cleaner buying guide, visit our Glenview store, or call our product experts at 800-860-3577.

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  • Our installer was the best! He was courteous, knew what he was doing, took care to do it right and answered all of our questions. We had a great experience and wish we could have him every time!
    Lynne F. - Elgin, IL
    June 4, 2021