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A cooktop is the perfect addition to a kitchen, clearing up counter space in your main food preparation area. While a range top offers additional burners and robust knobs that give your kitchen an authentic and professional aesthetic. There are many reasons to consider either type of product. We have cooktops and rangetops of all kinds from well-known and reliable brands like KitchenAid and Whirlpool. We also have products with different heat sources, like gas-powered range stove tops, or induction cooktops. If you browse below, you can also find high-quality electric-powered rangetops. Knowing what you need can help you shop smarter and find an excellent deal.

Start first by considering the major differences between a cooktop and a range. For the most part, the biggest differences between the two come down to spacing and appearance. If you look at each, you will notice that cooktops fit into a countertop and are surrounded by counter space, whereas ranges have tops that are wider and extend from the counter's edge to the rear wall. Cooktops have knobs on the counter's surface, beside the burners, whereas rangetops have knobs that sit below the surface of the counter at a vertical orientation. While you are sure to have excellent cooking experiences with each type of product, especially if you invest in high-quality rangetops or cooktops from the best-known brands on the market, you may find that the precise differences between these categories of products deserve consideration.

Whether you are purchasing appliances for a brand-new kitchen, remodeling an existing kitchen, or simply curious about the latest in cooking technology for a better culinary experience at home, investing in a new cooktop or rangetop is a major decision. Which type of product is right for you? At the top of the page, we discussed the differences between the two types of cooking surfaces. But now, you should consider another major factor that will change how and what you cook: the heat source. It can be tough to shop for a gas, electric, or induction cooktop or range if you do not know the specific advantages of each. Thankfully, we have a helpful cooktop buying guide to help you reach your decision.

Perfect all of your favorite culinary creations by browsing our wide selection of rangetops or cooktops from top manufacturers such as GE, KitchenAid, Whirlpool and more. If you're not sure which cooktop or rangetop is right for your kitchen or simply have a few questions, please contact one of our kitchen appliance specialists at 800-860-3577 for further information.

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