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Enhance Your Listening Experience with Computer Speakers

Whether you're playing video games or giving a presentation, the right set of computer speakers create an enhanced audio experience that fills a room. Computer speakers are also important for accessibility purposes as they allow screen readers to convert text into sound to aid those with visual impairments. You can get plenty of use out of external computer speakers whether or not your desktop computer has built-in speakers. Even better, these speakers are available at multiple price points so you can create a great setup that fits your budget. If you're looking for something basic to get the job done, we offer such models; if you're a movie buff or gamer who is willing to splurge on unbeatable audio quality, we have those as well. No matter which speakers you choose, you'll enjoy an improved user experience. Even tasks as simple as listening to music while you work will be enhanced. You can hear your favorite album as it was meant to be heard. We often keep our entire music libraries on our computers because they have plenty of storage space so a set of powerful computer speakers is a natural fit.

Computer speakers have come a long way from a set of two tiny, no-frills speakers. They can be as complex as a multi-speaker setup with a subwoofer. Extensive setups are ideal for those who use their computer as their primary form of TV show or movie viewing to replicate the experience of watching on a television with an advanced audio system. While these setups look stylish and high-tech, it is important to consider your media consumption. Additionally, you may want to consider a model with Bluetooth capabilities so you can also play music from your phone through the speakers. If you have a favorite studying playlist on your phone, you can play it through the speakers while keeping your phone away from your desk to avoid distractions. We offer the best speaker selection in the Chicago area with offerings from top brands such as Bose and Logitech so you know you're investing in quality that lasts. You can even find speakers to match the rest of your home decor, with options in black, white, or even wood-grain finishes.

Before buying your speakers, there are a few things to consider. You should take into account the type of media you're listening to, whether that's games, music, movies, or YouTube videos. Maybe the speakers are for work purposes when you give presentations. What is the size of the room where your computer lives? You need to determine whether a simple set of speakers is sufficient or if you'll need a subwoofer as well. On the other hand, a huge speaker setup is actually not a good choice if your computer isn't in a big enough room to allow the audio to properly project. If you have questions or concerns about the right speakers for your needs, our tech experts are here to help. You can call them at 800-860-3577 or you can visit us at our Glenview storefront. Either way, Abt carries the best computer accessories for you.

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    I've been waiting for 3 months for a local audio store to get my equipment in. If I didn't shop with Abt, I'd still be waiting. Abt was able to fulfill my order AND ship it to me very quickly.
    Donnie D. - Saint Joseph, MO
    November 2, 2021