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Add Convenience to Your Kitchen with a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Everything Within Reach: The Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Food-cooling technology has come a long way since the first iceboxes hit the market over 100 years ago. Much has changed since then, including technology, size, and structure, but the purpose remains the same. And bottom freezer refrigerators put a whole new spin on the classic top-freezer fridge. These coolers flip the script to place a sliding cooling drawer on the bottom, while a single or double doors open to reveal the refrigerating cabinet. Stash your weekly groceries here at eye level and you'll have an easy time finding snacks, leftovers, and ingredients throughout the week. Place kids snacks lower down so they'll have an easy time accessing them, and stash stuff that should stay out-of-reach higher up. Explore the other benefits of bottom freezer refrigerators to decide whether these fridges are right for your home and lifestyle.

Extra-Wide Storage Space

Unlike a slim side-by-side refrigerator that features skinny shelves (but a floor-to-ceiling cabinet), the bottom freezer refrigerator's shelving stretches from one side of the device to the other. That makes these kitchen appliances the obvious choice for storing party platters, large roasts, full sheet cakes, and other extra-large foods. And with extra space, these fridges are perfect for those who love to host parties and buy food in bulk. You'll be able to keep it all fresh until it's party time. Meanwhile, the extra-large freezers that come with a bottom freezer refrigerator are great for storing awkward-shaped foods like pizzas, whole hams, and bulk ice cream. Many of these coolers feature multiple baskets, allowing you to easily organize different food—that way, there's no need to struggle with things stacked on top of each other precariously. Keep in mind that these freezers are close to the ground, so any curious kids might need to be reminded to close the freezer after using it. For even more freezer space, check out our freestanding freezers and ice makers.

Pick Your Style: French Door, Counter Depth, Built-In and More

Unlike the classic icebox, the modern bottom freezer refrigerator comes in all kinds of dimensions and formats to fit the contemporary home. Homeowners can choose between the popular French door models (with a pair of doors and handles in the center) or a single door variant to keep things simple. Consider what will fit best both stylistically and literally in your home, and whether you'll be able to open up that door all the way (especially in smaller kitchens). There are still more templates to choose from for refrigerator depth and style. The counter-depth and built-in fridges are becoming more and more prevalent—these models don't "stick out" into the kitchen very much, instead fading into the background. A counter-depth variant does this by eliminating a few inches of depth for a slim profile, while a built-in fridge aligns perfectly with existing cabinetry to sink into the wall. Keep in mind that these models try to compensate for that lost depth with extra width, but they still sacrifice square inches of storage space inside in the name of style.

Find Your Next Bottom Freezer Refrigerator at Abt

Whether you're considering a French door model or a panel-ready version that's ready to match your cabinetry exactly, our experts will be able to answer any remaining questions you might have. Our kitchen appliance experts are happy to talk to you in person or on the phone at 800-860-3577. Alternatively, do some research before coming in—check out our picks for the Best Bottom Refrigerators of 2021, or explore our Fridge Sizing and Buying Guide to learn more about all the other choices you have when it comes to kitchen coolers.

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