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Reliable Reheating with Outdoor Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are an entertaining essential. These drawers are designed to preserve the temperature and quality of your food for hours in the time between when it's cooked and when it's served. Even your friend that's notoriously late to events can enjoy a hot meal that seems fresh out of the oven. Adding an outdoor warming drawer to your outdoor kitchen setup adds convenience that will make your hosting experience more enjoyable. Warming drawers reheat food similar to a microwave but have features that allow them to better maintain the consistency of the food you're trying to keep warm. There are several heating settings to choose from. A lower setting is perfect to warm plates for serving or even proofing bread, whereas a higher serving is great to keep foods like soup at the same temperature even after you're done cooking. Set a timer so you can set the table or get changed for your outdoor festivities while knowing you won't overheat your meal. When the party's over, cleaning up is as easy as it was to keep your food warm. Warming drawers can be cleaned with warm, soapy water to keep the interior looking sparkling. If acidic foods like vinegar or tomatoes have spilled inside the outdoor warming drawer, be sure to clean the drawer immediately so the finish isn't damaged. If you have a drawer with a stainless steel exterior, use the proper cleaner to maintain its sleek finish. Above all else, be sure the drawer is off and completely cooled before cleaning, to avoid injury.

Something for Everyone

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Try an outdoor warming drawer specifically designed to heat your cups. Cold porcelain will ruin the piping-hot temperature your coffee maker works hard to deliver. Your latte or Earl Grey tea will stay at the perfect temperature for longer if you serve it in a warm cup. No matter what your outdoor kitchen looks like, there's a warming drawer for you. With stainless steel and panel options, the drawer will blend into your kitchen's design for a beautiful finish. Glass-front options look particularly elegant if you like a high-end look. Models come with either a handle or a push-to-open feature so you can pick whichever feature best suits your setup. These drawers are built for convenience. They're typically the size of a standard kitchen drawer so they're easy to install and incorporate into the layout of your outdoor kitchen. With sizes ranging from 24 to 42 inches, you'll be able to find the perfect fit (literally). If you want the sleekest, most convenient look, built-in installation is the way to go. We stock warming drawers from top brands so you can pick your favorite. Convenience doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on quality. Whether you're partial to Coyote or DCS, your outdoor warming drawer will match your other outdoor appliances. Your outdoor warming drawer can be used for more than food. If you have an outdoor pool or spa, you can use the drawer as a towel warmer. Whatever you use your outdoor warming drawer for, rest assured that you'll get reliable heating every time. With warranties available on every model, you can shop with confidence.

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