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Stay Warm with a Remote Car Starter

Installing a remote car starter is one of the best ways to combat cold in the frigid winter months. Rather than shivering on your drive to work every morning, imagine the luxury of starting your vehicle from your kitchen. Give the engine a few minutes to heat up and even your walk to the car will seem more manageable, knowing that you're only steps away from warmth. Instead of starting your drive to a soundtrack of chattering teeth, you'll be singing along to your favorite songs. But automatic car starters aren't only useful in the winter. Skip ahead six months to the sweltering heat of summer. Remember the feeling of nearly molten leather seats scorching your skin as you delicately lower yourself into your sweat lodge of a vehicle. Even when the outside temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees, your car's cabin can climb to 110 degrees or more. Installing a remote car starter can save you from that pain. Using your key fob or smartphone controls, you can turn the car on and blast the AC from afar. Or for a more environmentally friendly option, your remote start can simply roll your windows down. Plus, remote start installation costs are reasonable enough for anyone to afford.

Stay Safe with a Security System for your Car

Your car is likely one of your most valuable possessions. So ensuring it's well protected should be one of your top priorities. At Abt, we sell proven car security systems that utilize the latest technology to ensure your vehicle is properly protected. And we only carry security systems from industry leaders like Viper because security should never just be "good enough." Contact our mobile installation specialists at 800-860-3577 for info on products and installation options. In addition to remote starters and security systems, our professional installers are car audio experts. They can upgrade your car speakers while equipping your vehicle with a remote start system! Take the sting out of nasty weather and order your new remote car starter today!

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