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BlueStar Cooking, Refrigeration and Ventilation

Bring Chef-Inspired appliances to your home kitchen.

Designed and built in Pennsylvania since 1880, BlueStar® cooking, refrigeration and ventilation products are handcrafted for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens.

The award-winning line includes high-performance gas ranges, cooktops, electric and gas wall ovens, complementary kitchen ventilation hoods and premium refrigeration. The signature ranges have searing 25,000 BTU open burners, that deliver high intense direct heat for a rapid boil or high heat sear. With industry-leading capacity, both BlueStar® ovens and refrigerators fit commercial-size sheet pans, perfect for meal prep and entertaining ease.

BlueStar® is the only pro-style appliance brand to offer virtually unlimited options for personalization, including more than 750 colors, 10 metal trims options as well as highly customizable cooking surfaces.
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Unmatched Customization

Cooking Configurations

BlueStar Cooking Configurations

Create a stovetop tailored to how you cook with custom burners, griddles, charbroilers and even French Tops.

Colors & Textures

BlueStar Colors & Textures

Turn up the heat on discerning design with custom-color matching or select from more than 750 available colors and finishes.

Knobs & Trim

BlueStar Knobs & Trim

Add subtle details with pop-color knobs or trims in rich brass and copper for an understated-yet-personal look.

Door Styles

BlueStar Door Styles

Optimize your results with French doors, drop downs, and right- or left-swinging designs for chef-friendly function.

For more information on the different customizations, contact any of our BlueStar Sales Specialists at 800-914-2061.

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