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HDMI Cables: Connect To Everything

When it comes to home entertainment in the modern era, you'll be hard-pressed to find any device that doesn't require an HDMI cable. These simple tethers can pair your TV to nearly anything, from video game consoles to soundbars and speakers. And unline past iterations, connection is easy. That's because each end looks identical, so you won't need to struggle or spend extra time turning the cord from one end to the other. Keep in mind that HDMI cables are so commonly used that having only one in the home rarely makes sense, especially if you have more than one TV. With the need to connect smart products only growing, it's a good idea to have an extra one of these on hand. Stock up for the next movie night, music session, or multiplayer video game contest with help from Abt.

The Tech

HDMI stands for High Definition Multi-Media Interface, a long (if descriptive) title for these ubiquitous cords. Instead of transferring video or audio data, HDMI cables allow your technology to do both at the same time. And unlike last-gen cords such as the RCA, these high-tech models are ready for future technology. Newer models can transmit 4K (or Ultra High Definition) visuals as well as high-quality audio. When it comes to cable quality, not all of these shining tethers are created equal. If you're hoping for a version that can hold up to the test of time, you're going to want to pick based on numbers other than just the price tag. Instead, choose a model based on bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth, the faster these devices can transmit sonic and visual data. If you're using (or you're planning to use) a 4K TV in the future, look for a bandwidth size of at least 18 Gbps or 48 Gbps. In addition to showcasing 4K ultra-high definition, these versions can deliver a stronger depth of color from enhanced TVs, like those with OLED technology. To really future-proof your purchase, opt for a 48 Gbps model. These can support up to 10K video (not commonly found on the market yet) and have the capacity to support an even wilder depth of color. These cords are great for the home theater aficionado who's always ready to find the next greatest projector.

Which One Should I Pick?

When it's time to make that final choice, don't select based on cord color or anything superficial. Consider the factors above, as well as how far you'll need it to run. For example, a soundbar sitting right beside the TV won't need a long connection—maybe 6 feet at the most. But a surround sound speaker system or something similar may require cords much longer. If you have to move further than 25 feet away, look for an Active HDMI cable. These models can push data further than a classic version. But if you need a tether that's longer than 50 feet, it's time to pick the strongest science available: fiber optic technology. Still having a hard time picking one? Check out our HDMI Cables Buying Guide for more help, or give one of our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll help you find the best option for your next-gen tech.

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