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A Little Sizzle: Air Fryers and Deep Fryers

When it comes to cooking up a fresh, hot dinner for the family, there are more ways than ever to go from raw protein to a complete meal than ever before. If that's true, though, why is our default meal an oven-baked boneless, skinless (and often flavorless) chicken breast? Instead of tossing everything you own into the oven (or worse, the microwave) for the evening, invite flavor and texture back into your life with the on-trend air fryer or classic deep fryer. These cookers use oil, high-powered convection, and sometimes both to give all kinds of foods a crispier bite. They're also much easier to use than many classic cooking methods, and some can cook foods from raw or frozen—save time and effort on weekday dinner nights with help from fast fryers. For more dinnertime inspiration, check out the air frying recipes on our blog.

All About the Air Fryer

Never heard of this kitchen device before? Some would describe these as a cross between the classic deep fryer and a suped-up convection oven. Instead of using fatty oils (which are notoriously bad for your cholesterol and blood pressure), air fryers cook with high-speed hot convection. Powerful convection circulates high heat around your foods for a crispy edge that's just the right texture, all while cooking it completely through the center. Most of these devices don't need oil to function, though using a little bit can bring an extra layer of browning to your dish. For more on what makes this cooker so different from other kitchen cookers, read through our article on Air Fryer vs. Convection Oven, and what makes the two so different.

An Old Classic: The Deep Fryer

While the air fryer is becoming a popular alternative, no one can dethrone the king of crisping foods: the original deep fryer. These crunchy-food-creators have been used in restaurants for decades to deliver tender chicken filets, flaky onion rings, and salt-dusted fries. Deep frying technology makes its way home with these devices from Abt—create your own favorites in your kitchen for a fraction of the price. If you fry that food correctly, you'll find yourself with restaurant-quality appetizers. Not sure where to start when it comes to deep-frying? Check out our Deep Fryer Buying Guide for an in-depth look at full-fledged frying. Keep in mind that deep-frying isn't as easy as it seems, and that's why you need a temperature-tracking device like these. If you try to cook with just hot oil and a pot or pan, you'll find food that will likely come out a little off thanks to imprecise temperatures. If your oil is too hot, food will be burnt and crackling, and if your oil is too cool, your bites will be sopping with oil. Instead, opt for a precise temperature-tracking deep fryer like the ones above. The ones with thermometers built right in will help you to achieve the best results possible.

Home Cooked Crispiness

Whether you're trying out that new recipe or searching for a healthier alternative to frying in oil, these delicious cookers earn a spot on the countertop for a weekly dinnertime appearance (though some say they air fry almost every day). Instead of ordering out and receiving soggy food by the time you're home, kick your home cooking up a notch with these small kitchen appliances. Not sure where to start when it comes to the on-trend convection cooker? Our experts do—scan our Air Fryer Buying Guide as well as our selection of the Best Air Fryers of 2021 to get an idea of all the things these multitalented devices can do in the kitchen.

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