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Air & Deep Fryers

Who doesn't love the delicious crunch of fried foods fresh out of a deep fryer? Whether you're whipping up a batch of french fries or frying chicken to perfection, deep frying delivers crispy fries and chicken skins that are sure to get you salivating. Dropping a full frying basket into piping hot oil immediately causes the moisture in your food to bubble away, resulting in a deliciously crispy exterior.

At the same time, hot oil rushes to replace the lost moisture, leaving you with a delicacy that's equal parts crunchy and succulent. It makes sense to think that the oil is the secret to these mouth-watering treats. However, air-frying foods can provide the same satisfaction without the unhealthy oils. By moving hot air around your foods, air fryers provide the same delicious crisp as a deep fryer.

Strange as it may seem, the mere sound of the crunch plays a big part in how our brains interpret taste. And because both air & deep fryers give your favorite foods that same tasty crunch, an air fryer delivers "deep fried" foods without the guilt. Plus, without the oil, air fryers have the added benefit of easy cleaning.

Abt carries a variety of air & deep fryers from all of the top brands, including Ninja and DeLonghi. Shop our selection above to find single purpose fryers as well as multi-cookers that can do far more than fry. If you need help deciding which model is right for your kitchen, read through our Deep Fryer Buying Guide. It covers both air & deep fryers to help you choose which style of fryer best suits your needs.

You can also reach out to our appliance experts with any questions you may have at 800-860-3577. But if you know what you need, order your new deep or air fryer today and get ready to enjoy your favorite fried foods any time the urge strikes.

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  • This store had exactly what I wanted, at a terrific price. Ordering was easy and delivery was on time. Just amazingly easy and a wonderful experience. This is a feat in the COVID-19 era. Well done, Abt! Thank you.
    October 18, 2020 - Jennifer B.
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