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Stereo Receivers & AV Receivers

A home entertainment system is only as good as its stereo or AV receiver. These devices are integral to proper control of your audio and video sources. While audio or stereo receivers strictly control audio, not video, AV receivers handle both audio and video signals. Receivers are what you need to take media from a vinyl player or cable box and output it to your projector or speakers; without one, your home theater can't function. AV receivers require multiple amplifiers so be sure your home entertainment setup has sufficient speakers for this device to work. If you're unsure how many speakers you need, look at the product name: a 5.2 AV receiver needs five speakers and two subwoofers. Any number after the decimal point refers to the needed number of subwoofers. Conversely, if you have 7 speakers, a 5.2 receiver won't work. Be sure you choose a compatible receiver for your sound system. Our receivers support as little as five and up to a whopping 15 channels to suit home theaters of any size.

Modern technology means you don't have to worry about losing the remote control anymore. Our receiver selection includes options with voice control compatibility via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Select models are compatible with Apple Airplay. If you're trying to cut the cord, a receiver with Wi-Fi capabilities is a must. Additionally, many new stereo receivers and AV receivers are compatible with smart TVs so you can easily access settings, menus, and more with your smart TV remote. Whether you're partial to Sony or Yamaha, we offer the best equipment for a viewing experience straight out of the movie theater. Our range of receivers includes models with Dolby Atmos technology that adds a vertical component to your surround sound for a truly immersive experience no matter how many speakers you use. Our receivers are available at multiple price points so you can create a beautiful home theater system that fits your budget.

Maybe you're a music aficionado rather than a movie buff. Our stereo receivers are available from the same great brands but serve a different function. Unlike AV receivers that can have up to 11 channels, stereo receivers typically have two. Your stereo can play AM/FM radio or hook up to one of our turntables to enhance your listening experience. These receivers can also work with your television to enhance the audio. Even though you'll have to directly connect your video devices to your TV, a stereo receiver is still an improvement thanks to the clear, sharp audio they offer. These are perfect for modern TVs that are thinner and thinner without much room for substantial built-in speakers. Whether you need an audio or AV receiver, you deserve the best equipment for your unique home theater setup. With our AV receiver buying guide, you can learn more about these electronics so you can make an informed buying decision. If you are looking for a specific product recommendation, call our AV experts at 800-860-3577 for assistance.

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