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Bedroom Furniture

Whether you're searching for a nightstand to replace a yesteryear hand-me-down or revamping your family home with all new bedroom furniture sets, there is a world of difference between furnishings you can live with and those you love. When crafting the perfect aesthetic for your bedroom, be sure to prioritize utility alongside style. Your bedroom furniture choices undoubtedly make a statement about you. They will be the last thing you see before falling asleep and the first thing you see upon waking. With this in mind, the best furniture sets should inspire you for the new day as your eyes peak open in the mornings then help lull you to sleep as your lids grow heavy each night.

Where to Start

As the name suggests, bedroom furniture sets revolve around the bed. While a good mattress can transform nights of tossing and turning into blissful slumber, the aesthetic of your bedroom gains its definition from your bed frame. Whether you're interested in the clean and simple look of a platform bed or the stately style of a traditional four-poster, starting with a frame you love gives you a foundation to work with when selecting the rest of your bedroom furniture. Once you have the bed of your dreams picked out, consider a nightstand or two to keep important items close at hand. Or, browse through our dressers and chests for a stylish storage solution. Often the largest piece of bedroom furniture sets other than the bed itself, dressers and chests can echo the statement your bed makes or tweak it to start a dialogue with more eclectic design choices around the room.

Abt has What You Need

Whatever kind of bedroom furniture you're looking for, Abt is here to help you make sure you find something you'll adore for years to come. Our expansive selection of bed frames, night stands, chests, and dressers cover a variety of styles, making sure we have something for everyone. Please let us know if you have any questions about design styles, materials, sizes, or anything else. Our award-winning customer service experts and salespeople will help you learn what you need to know to craft an aesthetic for your bedroom that matches your vision. Stop by the store, start a live chat. We're here to help.

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