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Preamplifiers: Second-to-None Sound Quality

Adding a preamp to your home audio setup is a sure-fire way to improve its sound quality. Preamplifiers boost the audio signal from analog sources like record players before they reach the power amp. Home theater and audio systems often include an integrated amplifier or a receiver, both of which house a preamp and a power amplifier. However, combining a stereo preamp and power amp into a single unit forces the two to share a power supply, leading to a loss in fidelity. If you do decide to purchase separate units, remember to invest in quality audio cables to connect the devices. Otherwise you risk missing out on the high-quality audio that's possible with these kinds of systems.

With the growing popularity of digital audio from streaming services and CDs, the world seems to be transitioning away from analog sound. As a result, external preamps aren't quite as important as they once were. And while it's definitely easier to pull up an album on your smartphone than it is to leaf through your record collection, audiophiles will tell you that there's no substitute for well cared for vinyl. But if your audio system is entirely digital and you plan to keep it that way, you can probably save some money and stick with the internal preamp within a receiver or integrated amplifier.

But if money is no object and you're after the highest quality sound possible, you'll want to make sure your system is equipped with a vacuum tube preamp. Compared to the other option, solid-state units, tube preamps will provide a richer midrange and more texture to both vocals and instruments. This contrasts with the faster sound and greater detail that's common to solid-state preamps.

If you're not sure if a stereo preamplifier is right for your audio system, or if you have questions about which model best fits your needs, reach out to our Custom Audio and Video Department by phone at 847.544.2307. Or shoot them an email at [email protected]. We're happy to answer any questions you may have to help you design an audio system that will exceed all of your expectations.

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