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Stereo Turntables Are the Classic Choice for Authentic Sound

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Turntables & Record Players

Even though stereo turntables have been around for decades, they're still the preferred music player for countless audiophiles around the globe. Drop the needle onto your favorite album. Close your eyes. And listen to the warm tones of a vinyl record seep out of a pair of high-quality bookshelf speakers.

After doing so, it's hard to imagine how anyone could make a case for the lossy sound from streaming services. But many still argue that lossless digital formats offer a sound quality that you just don't hear when playing vinyl. Audio preferences will always be subjective. So it's unlikely that we'll ever have concrete proof that listening to vinyl is objectively better than digital alternatives.

But one thing is clear: the vinyl record player beats the lossy audio formats that streaming services use every time. The soundscape that dances off a needle tracing the grooves of a well-kept record is truly something special. Perhaps you savor each cymbal tap and bass note as the artist's emotion oozes out of every measure. Maybe you simply like having a physical object to appreciate with your favorite music.

However you appreciate your vinyl collection, Abt's selection of turntables will help you cherish the things you love. Scroll up to browse both direct-drive and belt-drive turntables. Direct-drive models include a motor directly under the spinning platter, allowing the turntable to start spinning at full speed almost instantly. This near-instantaneous response makes direct-drive record players the preferred option for DJs.

But the vibrations from the motor can move the platter, distorting the audio. Belt-drive turntables solve this problem by spinning the platter via a belt that separates the motor from the platter. However, these models take a moment to get the record up to the correct speed. But if you aren't planning on scratching or beatmatching, a belt-drive turntable is the way to go.

We also carry both manual and automatic turntables, plus everything in between. A fully automatic turntable drops the needle onto the record for you. When the album ends, it returns the tonearm to its resting position. These no-fuss vinyl record players are perfect for newcomers to the world of turntables.

Semi-automatic models also lift the tonearm off the record after an album. But they leave the pleasure of dropping the needle onto a grove to you. Manual turntables let you do all the work.

If you're not sure which turntable is right for your needs, reach out to our audio experts at 800-914-2061. They'll gladly answer any questions you may have to help you find the perfect model. You might also want to read through our blog post about the Best Record Players for Beginners.

With top brands like Pro-Ject, Denon, Audio-Technica, and more to choose from, we're sure to have a turntable you'll love for years to come. For those who know what they need, order today and get ready to listen to your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard.

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