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Pinball Machines: Gambling Machines To Family-Friendly Fun

Before arcades and in-house game consoles, pinball machines were the premier gaming machines. But before long, the US began to see pinball as a form of gambling, outlawing the machines for roughly 40 years. In 1976, pinball wizard, Roger Sharpe proved that pinball games required far more skill than luck. Like Babe Ruth calling his famous home run, Sharpe explained his target for each ball, convincing the court that pinball machines were indeed games of skill.

In the years that followed, electronic pinball machines experienced a renaissance of sorts. Pinball arcades popped up around the country and the machines found their ways into restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, and countless other venues. However, it wasn't long before video games began to dominate the arcades and game consoles found their way into homes across the globe.

Pinball Machines in the Modern World

Today, a new generation of pinball players are falling in love with the game for the first time. Classic pinball machines, like the Addams Family gem, have hit the market again. But they're sharing the stage with high-quality remakes and new creations. Dot-matrix displays are still in high demand, but some newer models traded them in for an LCD screen to provide a more interactive play experience.

Abt carries a wide variety of electronic pinball machines, ensuring that we have a model you'll love. Browse our above selection from Stern Pinball to find classic designs like Star Wars and Elvira as well as modern classics like The Avengers and Stranger Things. Once you've found a pinball machine that catches your eye, order today. Then lean in, hands on the pop bumper buttons, and beat your high score again and again!

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