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Single Wall Ovens

Give your kitchen a professional look with a Built-In Single Oven. Rather than wasting space with a freestanding model, installing a Single Wall Oven helps make the most of your kitchen layout. Their versatility allows for installation at any height, which can be a huge benefit for those of us who aren't as nimble as we used to be. By raising a Single Oven a few feet off the ground, loading and unloading the oven is a breeze.

Modern built-in ovens feature a variety of settings and cooking modes to simplify the time you spend in the kitchen. Smart functions like Remote Start and Scan-to-Cook technology bring these devices into the 21st century, giving you more control when you want it, relieving you of control when you don't. With Remote Start, you can preheat the oven via a smartphone app or voice commands, allowing you to multitask. And with Scan-to-Cook technology, the oven can interpret barcodes on frozen foods, adjusting its temperature and cook times so that you don't even have to read the instructions.

To enjoy faster cook times and more even baking results, consider a Single Convection Oven. Models offering True European Convection use three heating elements and a convection fan to circulate hot air throughout the cooking cavity. Doing so eliminates hot and cold spots in the oven so that baked goods come out with consistent browning and tender centers whether they're in the center of the oven or nestled along the edge. Learn more about the differences between a Convection and Conventional Ovens in our Learning Center.

If you're going for a modern design, black stainless steel Single Ovens are an excellent option. Their stylish appearance hides smudges and wipes clean with ease. For a more traditional look, consider a model with a standard stainless steel finish. Or save a few dollars with a jet black or vibrant white oven.

Browse our vast selection of Single Electric Wall Ovens and Gas Wall Ovens to find your perfect model today. For those who like to cook for a crowd, a Double Wall Oven might be a better fit. If you're not sure where to start, read through our Wall Oven Buying Guide. It can help you understand everything from fuel types to feature sets, giving you the knowledge you need to find the right oven for your home. And of course, our appliance experts are always happy to help. Feel free to give them a call at 800-860-3577 for personalized advice based on your needs and budget.

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