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Few things compete with a gathering of family or friends around a campfire at sunset. But serene as it may seem, nature can be unforgiving. However, with the right camping supplies you can be ready for just about anything. Whether you're heading out on the boat to cast a line, into the woods for some time with nature, or even down the road for a family day at the beach, a nice cooler can be a game changer. While an extended camping trip might require a large 65+ quart cooler to keep meats and produce from spoiling, a few cool drinks in a soft hopper could be all the camping supplies you need for a midday hike. Browse our Coolers to find the perfect fit for your favorite activities.

Once you have the right cooler, be sure to check out our helpful Cooler Accessories. Camping supplies are designed to make life easier and YETI has an arsenal of accessories that do just that. Their conveniently shaped ice blocks cool your food and drinks without the hassle of melted ice. Or if you prefer the convenience of ice, perhaps you could benefit from their Drain Plug Hose Connection to simplify the process of draining your cooler. Browse our Cooler Accessories to see how these camping supplies can help you stop fussing with the cooler and enjoy your surroundings.

Just because you woke up in a bed and not a tent, you can still benefit from some of the innovations that make camping supplies so useful. With a finish to match any environment, Insulated Tumblers keep your coffee hot from your morning commute through the after lunch meeting just as capably as they keep your water cold all day in a hot car. Similarly, their Outdoor Blankets are designed for cold nights under the stars. But, they're so soft you'll want to curl up with one every night. Even without a camping trip on the calendar, shop Abt for camping supplies that can make your life better each and every day.

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