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Baked Goodness with Bread Machines

Nothing beats the smell and taste of a freshly baked loaf of bread. Imagine if you could experience that feeling whenever you wanted. With Abt's top-notch lineup of bread machines, you can. Our selection of bread machines includes familiar favorites like Breville and Cuisinart but we also offer several options from popular Japanese brand Zojirushi. Making bread at home is not only a fun hobby but is better for you, too: freshly baked bread is healthier as it contains less fat or preservatives than store-bought bread. It's also cheaper in the long run compared to buying a loaf at the store every week. While bread can be made in many ways, whether in a Dutch oven or loaf pan, a bread maker is definitely the easiest, most convenient way to make delicious bread at home. Typically, bread machines will knead, rise, and bake your bread for you but the options greatly vary from model to model. Therefore, it's important to think about your needs before buying. If you live alone, have a small family, or just want to save space in your kitchen, a mini bread maker is a great place to start. Mini bread makers will typically make a 1 lb. loaf in a matter of hours. Standard models will make a 2 lb. or a 3 lb. loaf so you can enjoy delicious toast for breakfast every morning.

On the other hand, there are bread makers that can make just about any kind of bread: the Zojirushi Maestro, for example, makes white, wheat, multigrain, and even gluten-free bread. If you love your local bakery's cinnamon raisin bread and want to recreate it at home, be sure to choose a bread machine that has a dispenser to add your ingredients at the right time in the bread-making process like the Breville Custom Loaf™ Bread Maker. You can add fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, or seeds to your bread for a truly custom loaf. Most of these machines let you choose the darkness of your crust, whether you like it barely browned or dark and crusty. Additionally, some bread machines can make more than bread. They can make cake and pizza to transform you into the ultimate home chef. If you like to experiment with recipes, a bread maker that can bake more than bread will save room on your kitchen counters because you don't have to buy multiple appliances. It also makes them cost-effective. If you want the best of the best, opt for a stainless steel maker with a digital screen for a modern baking experience.

Whether you love sourdough, focaccia, or whole wheat, bread machines are designed to take the guesswork out of baking bread. If you're ready to add another skill to your cooking arsenal, bread is a great place to start. To learn more about these amazing machines and their many benefits, check out our bread machine buying guide. You can also visit our kitchen experts in store or call them at 800-860-3577 to decide which bread maker is right for you.

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