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Bring the Movie Theater Home with Popcorn Makers

A popcorn machine is the finishing touch your home theater is missing. After all, a movie night isn't complete without the right snacks. Even if you're just watching your favorite show on the couch in your living room, a popcorn maker is an easy way to enhance the viewing experience. There are a few different styles of popcorn maker available so you can choose the one that best fits your home. There are microwave popcorn makers, which are microwave-safe containers that you fill with kernels that will pop up as they're being heated. Air poppers make healthier popcorn as they don't use oil or butter (though you can certainly drizzle some on afterwards). A classic popcorn maker looks just like what you see at the movie theater—kernels go into the kettle, wherein they pop up and spill out into the space below. Each style of popcorn machine has its unique advantages. The microwave popcorn makers are small and easy to clean; they usually fold up for each storage in a drawer or cabinet, which means they can adapt to any size living space. They're perfect if you live alone or with one other person but probably aren't ideal if you like to host movie nights with all your friends. You can enjoy movie theater popcorn without needing a home theater. Air poppers are great for the health-conscious snacker but can make popcorn for everyone—just add your own butter, salt, or chocolate drizzle once the popcorn is done popping. Even if you're not watching a movie, it's nice to have a delicious but healthy snack on hand. No oil means easier cleanup, too. Classic popcorn makers are a great option for those with a substantial home theater, the cherry on top of an authentic movie theater experience. These machines have a larger popcorn making capacity so you can serve your guests their own individual serving while also offering aesthetic appeal.

Buying your own popcorn maker lets you completely customize flavors and textures. Go classic with butter and salt or add in your favorite chocolate candy pieces for a sweet and salty experience. There are brands that make special seasoning blends just for popcorn. You can even experiment which type of oil you use, whether it's canola or coconut. Sure, you can buy microwave popcorn bags, but nothing compares to the taste and texture of freshly popped popcorn. You can make popcorn on the stovetop but that requires you to stand at the stove to make sure it doesn't burn, whereas a popcorn machine will cook the kernels the correct amount of time. Best of all, even our most elaborate popcorn maker is fairly affordable so you can upgrade your movie marathons without breaking the bank. Abt carries all the kitchen appliances and gadgets to make movie night fun. In addition to popcorn makers, we carry ice cream makers and deep fryers to make delicious treats for the whole family. To learn more, check out our small appliances buying guides or call our product experts at 800-860-3577.

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