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Soda Makers: Healthier For You, Better For The Planet

Fizzy beverages were designed to be addictive thanks to loads of salt, sugar, and syrups. Recent studies have shown that some classic colas can actually be detrimental to the health of those who drink them, with some of that sugar causing problems like cavities, weight gain, and further complications. Instead of throwing money at the big beverage market, take your health back with an at-home soda maker.

These carbonators are simple and functional thanks to powerful hardware and a few well-designed accessories. You’ll want to equip your fizzy set-up with gear like carbonating components and, of course, the actual flavor bottles. These classed-up beverages make a great option for everyday use, as well as non-alcoholic alternatives at happy hour gatherings. Set yours on the bar beside an ice maker and lime slices for a nice presentation, or keep it in the kitchen for easy access.

Good for Your Wallet

So why should you buy a soda maker if you’re already happy with your current beverage choice? With enough use, these small kitchen appliances can actually pay for themselves. The upcharge on commercial beverages can be outrageous, especially factored over time. Use a soda maker to eliminate the extra charges from packaging and delivery of individual bottles.

Seltzer-lovers will save even more money than those looking for more flavor, with the only added cost being the fraction of carbonation it takes to create one glass of refreshing bubbly water at a time.

Better For the Planet

Each year, over 50 billion plastic water bottles are used and disposed of—and that’s only in America. Most find their way into the garbage, or worse, the ocean. Put a dent in your portion of disposables with more environmentally friendly devices like soda makers and coffee machines. Fewer trips to the grocery store and the coffee shop means you’re making an impact on the environment for the better.

In addition to removing thousands of plastic water bottles a year, soda makers and their accessories are often recyclable. When you’re out of carbonation or flavor, simply unscrew the bottles and recycle their components. Manufacturers like Aarke make their accessories from nontoxic and BPA-free materials like PET polyester (the same polyester found in clothing).

Even Better Quality Flavor

While a lowered cost and a better environmental impact make these devices an alluring find, their boosted flavor and "bubbliness" are the main draw for many. In bottled beverages from big manufacturers, you can sometimes taste stale sugars and syrups. But in a countertop model, the carbonation process happens immediately. The crisp, fizzy flow found here is had to replicate in a manufactured model, even among gourmet seltzers. Enjoy your sparkling water on its own to complement nearly any dish, or add exciting flavors. Try raspberry and lemon blends for a fun twist on classic fruity drinks, or opt for the fizziest ginger ale you’ll ever taste. Mix and match flavor profiles until you find your favorite.

Not sure if one of these carbonation producers is right for your lifestyle? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577, or head into our store to get a look at some of these shining products yourself.

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