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Air Hockey Tables

For many people, air hockey tables bring back fond memories from childhood. Maybe you had one in your basement rec room growing up too. Or maybe a friend or relative had one set up in their recreation room. Playing air hockey is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends. They're great entertainment at parties and family gatherings too. Abt has air hockey tables from top home entertainment brands like Brunswick, Valley Dynamo, and Gold Standard. These high-quality tables are just like the ones you'll find in an arcade and some models are available for less than $900.

Score With Air Hockey Tables

The Brunswick V-Force 2.0 Air Hockey Table is an excellent choice that costs under $1500. This table offers super-fast play thanks to a slick, scuff-proof surface bordered by aluminum rails and powder-coated metal corners. It includes two mallets and four pucks plus an embedded abacus scoring system. The legs feature adjustable leg levelers so you'll always play on an even surface.

Choose the Dynamo Prostyle Branded 7 Ft. Oak Air Hockey Table and you'll get a tough and durable table that looks like a coin-operated model but does not require coins. With its branded oak laminate, this model lets you recreate that arcade atmosphere in your home game room. It also has approval from the U.S. Air Table Hockey Association and is sanctioned for tournament play. The model also features a Dyna-Blast™ blower system, non-coated aluminum, and an impact-resistant Formica surface. Hinged goal ends allow for easy cleaning after hours of play.

Face-off on the Ice

Another professional model is the Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table. At eight feet long the whole family can gather around to watch the game. This model features the design of a two-time World Air Hockey Champion. Players love the electronic score display set in the rail. This table is also sanctioned for tournament play. It's sturdy and plays fast thanks to a commercial blower, high-density aluminum rails, and 3-1/2" diameter glass-filled Lexan pucks.

One of the best-selling models from Abt is the Brunswick Wind Chill Air Hockey Table. Priced under $900, this is an affordable, yet sturdy game table that will provide hours of fun. The seven-foot table sits on a sturdy pedestal base. Keep score with dual abacus scorers as a steady flow of air comes out of the UL blower. Comes with two mallets and four pucks. The table will look great in your game with its cool black finish and silver corners and black graphics on a white surface.

Choose from a selection of Air Hockey Tables

Need advice on which air hockey table is right for your game room? Give an Abt gaming expert a call today at 800-860-3577. They can advise you on the dimensions and specs of the models we carry. They can also recommend other games and accessories such as popcorn makers, dartboards, pinball machines, and game room furniture—everything you need to make your game room awesome.

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