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Pizza Ovens: Outdoor Dinners Reimagined

That flaking crispy crunch, smoky flavor, and freshly-baked goodness you just can't get out of a freezer pizza. Nope, you're not getting this from your favorite thin-crust or deep-dish restaurant. Bring the greatness of Italian-American fusion home with pizza ovens for your backyard. These quick pie makers make an exciting addition to any outdoor kitchen or can function as stand-alone appliances. Throw some wood in the fire pit, grab some s'more's, and start cooking up some snacks in your outdoor pizza oven.

Outdoor Pizza Oven: High Temperatures, High Standards

If you're not familiar with these high-heat cookers, you might be wondering why anyone would need a separate oven that's only designed for one type of food. But these ovens are fundamentally different from the kind in your kitchen. Those are built with a maximum heat of around 500 degrees Fahrenheit or above, while these backyard versions can sear crusts as high as 900 degrees. That's hot enough to get a true, traditional Neapolitan pie ready in a shockingly short time. While these devices are optimized to churn out pies in less than five minutes once they're heated all the way up, they can cook all kinds of other foods too. Try experimenting with your favorite recipes and that good old cast iron pan. Make stews, roast meats, and even bake desserts. Get the family involved too and have everyone make their own little "dessert pizza" with spreadables like hazelnut spread or chocolate. Top with marshmallows, berries, and nuts for an incredible backyard meal.

Outdoor Pizza Oven: Fuel for Your Flavor

Though pizza ovens are traditionally wood-fired, many come ready to be fueled by modern methods just like your grill or flat-top griddle. If you're already set up with a complete outdoor kitchen, there's a chance your grill is equipped with a natural gas line. Some pizza ovens run on natural gas as well, though some chefs from Naples may look down at you for avoiding the wood-fired flavor of a classic crust. However, these natural gas ovens can get just as hot (some have a maximum temperature of 1000 degrees) and involve easier maintenance. There's no ash to clean out, no smoke, and no wood to purchase. Some even come in a liquid propane version for mobility and easy refueling. But there's just no beating that wood-fired flavor. The most popular and beloved pizza ovens are made with blackened wood in mind. The classic fuel allows for even heat distribution reflected from all sides of the oven, ensuring every inch of cheese is perfectly melted. And that smoky crust can't be found in any indoor appliance, try as you might with a convection oven.

Service Baked Right In

If you're still looking for new ways to finish off that outdoor kitchen, check out our 16 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Accessories and Appliances. Adding that element of charred crusty goodness will complete any backyard barbecue. (Barbecued chicken toppings, anyone?) And if you're not sure which one would best fit your home, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. They'll walk you through all the options, and help find the cooker that's perfect for you. Each product comes with at least one year warranty from the manufacturer, and we'll continue to service your local appliance throughout its life.

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