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CD Players Are a Key Component to Any Home Stereo System

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CD Players for Home Stereo Systems

Even if the practice marked the denouement of CD collections and DVD players everywhere, no one can say that streaming isn't appealing. While possessing a wealth of audio knowledge right on your phone is enticing, there's nothing like having music you can hold, own, and play with. It certainly beats all your favorite songs relying on a paid monthly subscription (or worse: a free version stopped by ads every few plays). And what if the artist decides to pull that favorite song or album? You'll be left completely tuneless. When it comes to audio, there are simply too many "what if" situations to prevent any true music lover from ditching the classic album altogether. Instead, lose that subscription and start building a new home audio system designed just for you and complete with the crisp sound from CD players. These modern disc spinners aren't like the portable all-in-one CD players you last used in 2005, and they're not "boomboxes" either. These are professional-grade devices, and work to boost the audio quality of anything you play. Instead of toe-tapping to streaming quality tunes, find yourself sinking into your sound system in an immersive experience. Find the one that's best for your audiophile needs with a little help from our AV specialists at Abt.

A Lossless Connection

Home theater systems and speaker setups aren't finished without lossless CD players, even if your gear can play music from your smartphone. Stash that AUX cord and your portable speaker elsewhere for now, and use that new CD player instead for a vivid sound you won't be able to hear from any streaming service—even with a wired connection. That's because online streaming libraries nearly always use compressed files that lose audio in the process of compression. Meanwhile, CDs never compress any sonic information while playing, ensuring you hear the album as it was meant to be heard. Get rid of that lossy MP3 collection and reinvest in your personal library of compact discs and CD players. Then try listening to those favorite songs of yours again. You'll hear an entirely new side of sound, with expansive bass beats, gentle acoustic notes, and details you never noticed in MP3 format. Keep this secret from anyone who's jumped on the vinyl record bandwagon, though: many audio professionals say that vinyls and CDs both present nearly the same level of fidelity to the original sound. In fact, some say that compact discs actually serve up higher quality sound than you can find from a record player. That's because surface scratches and mechanical noise found on vinyl are completely absent from these glossy discs.

Multifunctional Translators

You might not know it if your last disc reader was from the '90s, but these modern CD players are multi-talented and can do more than skip from song to song. Many can hold multiple discs, with some able to hold as many as five at a time. That way, you can shift from one album to another for a type of lossless "playlist". Fill your device with an artist's entire collection to track their sonic journey, or create a mood for the evening's gathering or date night. When it comes to picking out a new piece of sonic gear, keep in mind that most CD players rely on separate speakers for true audio output (though some have them built-in already). If you're not sure whether your existing devices will connect well with a new CD player, reach out to our AV specialists in-store, or give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our team of experts has years of knowledge in the fields of bass beats and thrumming acoustic sounds, and we'll be able to find the right device for your home. If you're looking for a more in-depth guide to compact disc devices, explore our CD player buying guide. Our experts wrote this guide, hoping to help everyone brush up on their compact disc knowledge before they dive into the deep end and start designing a sound system.

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