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A Fitness Tracker for Every Athlete

Whether you're a fitness buff or just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, a heart monitor is a useful addition to your gadget collection. These fitness trackers let you visualize and keep track of your goals. They allow you to set and achieve these goals, which keeps you motivated. But these watches are about more than just functionality. Modern activity trackers come in an array of attractive designs to suit your style, with some looking indecipherable from a standard watch. Choose an option in your favorite color so you'll always want to wear it. There are even models designed specifically for kids.

New features have made these smartwatches more convenient than ever. Fitness trackers use apps that can track your progress whether you're a runner, golfer, cyclist, or anything in between. There are even entire models dedicated to specific sports, perfect for the competitive athlete. See if you can beat last week's pace or get a map of a new course you've been dying to visit. If you're a novice or just need some inspiration, a watch with preloaded workouts will be helpful. Even better, you can download your music from apps like Spotify so you can listen to your favorite gym playlist. If you wear your activity tracker all the time, convenient features like contactless payment are another perk. Improvements in battery life mean that you don't have to remember to charge your tracker every day, either. Take those long hikes knowing your watch will stay on to your last mile. No matter what you're doing, your heart rate and steps will be tracked so you can stay safe and hit your fitness goals.

You can track just about anything with our fitness trackers. Cycle tracking lets you log symptoms and know when your next cycle will probably begin. You can track your hydration to be sure you're drinking enough water throughout the day, especially if you're doing an intense workout. Track your heart rate throughout the day to be sure it is getting up enough during your workout. You can also see how your resting heart rate lowers over time, which can be an indicator of fitness. A resting heart rate that is too high can indicate certain health issues so you can seek help and stay healthy. If your life is hectic, opt for a model that offers stress tracking or breathing exercises. That way, you can track when you were most stressed during your day and make adjustments. These smartwatches also keep you connected via your smartphone. Your watch face will show calls and text message or social media alerts so you can see what people are saying without having to take out your phone mid-workout. Fitness trackers can also share your location to give your family piece of mind while you go for a solo jog. With selections from top brands like Garmin, your activity tracker promises an attractive design with more features than you can count. Sleek, modern designs will easily integrate into your life as if you were wearing a regular watch. If you need help deciding which activity tracker is best for you, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We also have a fitness tracker buying guide to help you learn more.

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