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Humidifiers, Demystified

You know it when you feel it. Whether you're in an arid environment in the desert or a sub-zero winter in the Midwest, overly-dry air is not good for you. You can see it in your home, from cracked lips to itchy skin and even sparks of static electricity. When humidity drops between 10-20%, your home may become difficult to rest in comfortably. These dry spaces can be bad for antique furniture, prized paintings, and woodwork, too. The solution? Not air purifiers, but humidifiers. These air moisturizers help to bring the humidity back up to where it should be (ideally, between 30-50% according to Mayo Clinic). While you might not be able to visualize the effects of these moisturizers, they can help keep you and your home healthy. Whether they are hydrating overly dry air in your home or helping to moisturize sore noses and throats during flu season, humidifiers have been trusted for decades.

Better Air, Better Home

While you may associate humidifiers with allergy season, these oxygen moisturizers can do more than soothe stuffy noses. Humidity levels in a home can change how temperatures feel, and can even help keep utility and heat costs down in the winter. Evaporator humidifiers are some of the most common models, and work by circulating air that has been passed through a moistened filter back into the room. You can recognize them easily by their water reservoirs, which need to be refilled and cleaned when empty. The lesser-known versions are called bypass humidifiers. These devices are designed to work directly with your HVAC system to humidify air as it is dispensed throughout your entire home. After installation, they need very little management, detecting dry air automatically and covering thousands of square feet for a healthier living environment. Plus, you'll never have to refill a reservoir.

Kick Cold Symptoms Out

Humidifiers are notorious at helping folks through some sicknesses, whether allergy season has struck again or you've just got a case of the common cold. Extra moisture in the air helps soothe dry throats and noses, all while relieving pesky coughing fits. If you're trying to get over symptoms at home, these machines (combined with proper medication and some chamomile tea) can help your sore sinuses get back on their feet. Some even say extra humidity can help with snoring. Alternatively, if your home constantly feels a little (or a lot) too damp, consider investing in a dehumidifier. These machines serve the opposite effect in making the air "dryer" but can help remove allergens like dust and pollen. In truth, allergy-prone families may want to keep both devices on-hand for when leaves start to fall, or flowers begin to bloom.

Humidifiers: Service and Support

Not sure which of our humidifiers is best for your home? Check out our humidifier buying guide where our experts break down all the differences between different models, and how they humidify. If you're hoping for more personalized advice, give us a call at 800-860-3577, or head into the store and see the models we have in stock. Our home experts will help find the best one for your lifestyle and environment. Most of our humidifiers (if not all) are backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty, however, we'll help to service or repair models throughout their lifetime too, right here at Abt.

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