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Upright Freezers: Space, Money, and Energy Savings

Tired of jamming boxes of popsicles, oddly-shaped meats, and bags of frozen veggies in a small freezer where they don't fit? You're not alone. No matter what type of refrigerator you choose, the attached freezer can often be too small. These days, meal prepping and freezing food for days (and even weeks) is growing even more popular. That means extra freezer space is in even higher demand. Don't go out and buy coolers or start throwing out your favorite snacks if you run out of space. Instead, look through our catalog of upright freezers to make the most of your food and space. Your immediate thought might be "Well, where would I put an entire freezer?" Well, unlike a chest freezer, these upright freezers have a skinny footprint and stand tall like most refrigerators. Thanks to their skinny frame, these appliances can go places other freezers can't. Consider placing them in the kitchen, basement, garage, or even the laundry room. They can even fit well in a deep closet—make sure you measure your space ahead of time with our refrigerator freezer buying guide. And there's tons of space inside these upright freezers as well. With multiple door and cavity shelves, it's easy to find space for all your frozen foods. If you're worried about larger items from buying in bulk, opt for a model with adjustable shelves.

You might see the sticker price on an upright freezer and roll your eyes, thinking "How is this going to save me any money?" (Even though these tall coolers are on average, less expensive than a fridge by hundreds of dollars). The answer to that question lies in the long-term future. Appliances tend to last a long time, with freezers lasting over 10 years on average. Plus, these devices allow users to buy in bulk and keep foods from spoiling. Since your food will stay fresher for longer, you'll need to dispose of less food waste—which makes upright freezers better for your budget and the environment. These devices don't just save money on food, either. Those looking to cut down on utility costs should look for an ENERGY STAR® rated version. The tech in these iceboxes helps keep prices low. High-efficiency lighting, intelligent cooling, and temperature sensors help these models to know exactly when more cool air is needed.

It's a good idea to keep less-used food items in these upright freezers too. That's because when you open the appliance's door, cool air escapes (and keeps escaping the longer you stare at your snack options). A good strategy to keep cool air inside involves organization. Keep your favorite items in your normal refrigerator's freezer, or in an easy-to-access spot within your upright freezer. Move deep-storage frozen goods toward the bottom or back of the freezer as well. Need more fridge space too? Larger families and households may require both an extra fridge and freezer to get the most out of buying in bulk. Check out our stock of freezerless refrigerators to learn more about the benefits of even more cold storage. If you're still not sure which upright freezer is for you, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or step into the store for an in-person experience. We're always happy to help find the device that's best for you, and can tackle questions about your new appliance. Each of our appliances comes with a manufacturer's warranty of at least one year. And we'll continue to service yours throughout its lifetime.

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  • Had never heard of Abt until I read the ratings in Consumer Report. My wine cooler was delivered as expected in perfect condition. Excellent value for the money. I will shop with them again.
    Steven S. - Queen Creek, AZ
    May 10, 2021