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Is It a Ping Pong Table or a Table Tennis Table?

There is a difference! Well, the tables might be the same, but the games are not. Perfecting your Ping Pong game requires a sandpaper paddle and unfortunately, no matter how good you get, you won't be taking home the Olympic gold. If you've got your sights set on that podium, you'll need to pick a paddle, carefully selecting the blade and rubber that best fits your playstyle. A Table Tennis paddle's blade isn't sharp, but it does grant you the ability to add cutting spin to your returns that simply isn't possible with a sandpaper covered Ping Pong racket. Ping Pong tables also offer a comparatively slower game. Although, experts in either game will whip a ball past the rest of us.

Does It Matter?

For the vast majority of us, bringing home a Ping Pong Table is more about swatting a ball around for a few laughs than training for international competitions. Do-overs, off-the-wall returns, and unusual house rules are what make the game as much fun for the little ones as it is for those of us who are starting to slow down a bit. We've also heard rumors about a game popular with collegiate scholars, but the details are a bit foggy. Whatever rules you like to play by, a Ping Pong Table is a great way to spend time sharing laughs with both family and friends.

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