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Play-Doh Toys: Unleash Creativity

Every young child's go-to squishable matter, Hasbro Play-Doh continues to help kids have fun in interactive and artistic ways. Originally piloted as a wallpaper cleaning putty to remove coal and soot from within homes, this modeling compound has seen many transformations. These days, kids have fun with Play-Doh toys like cement trucks, "cooking" equipment and more. There's nothing better than popping open a container and creating something new. Have fun spearheading completely new designs with your kids, from mashed monsters to perfect snowmen. Invite friends and neighbors over to see who can make the best freeform creation, or use fun molds and sets to create architectural masterpieces. Whatever the children in your life love, let their imaginations run wild with Play-Doh toys.

Calling All Junior Chefs!

If your little ones love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, why not let them try it out themselves? Have them create their own recipes safely and without heat with Play-Doh toys. You won't need to worry about burns, scrapes or cuts thanks to the soft, child-friendly materials. Use fun molds to create shaped pancakes, ice cream, popsicles and cupcakes. Stack lettuce leaves atop tomato slices to create the perfect burger or sandwich—it's even more fun if everything's the wrong color. Think blue patties and red buns, and don't forget the electric orange pickles!

Kids can even have fun with their own mixers and pasta makers, creating exciting dishes that look good enough to eat. Let your little chef serve colorful meals, or make it a family affair and help everyone create their dream recipes together. You can even form plates and serveware out of the modeling clay, too. Whatever is on the evening's "menu", keep in mind that the material isn't edible, though it is non-toxic. If your artists are allergic to wheat, pick out a different activity—this material contains wheat, which could cause a reaction in those allergic to wheat gluten.

Plan, Dig and Build New Projects

Maybe the children in your life are less interested in faux spaghetti and prefer to build structures instead. Help your little ones build and demolish with Play-Doh toys based on cars and trucks. Choose from vehicles like fire engines, excavators, monster trucks and more and have fun watching what they create (or destroy). Whether they're making their own colorful cars with help from molds or using a fire truck to put out engine fires, kids, siblings and friends will have fun for hours. Dig trenches, create walls and even build homes with help from these gizmos. When you're finished, don't forget to put the modeling compound away. If left out to dry improperly, this material can crack and dry for an unfriendly appearance. When correctly stored, you'll be able to use Play-Doh toys again and again.

Not Sure Which Gear Makes the Perfect Kids Gift?

If you're shopping for birthday or holiday presents for children, don't be stumped by newer technology or trends. Choose revamped, reliable classics with Play-Doh toys. For more information or advice, give our team of experts a call at 800-860-3577 or head to our gifts guide to see more of what children can't wait to unwrap.

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