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Keep Cool During Warm Weather with a Portable Fan

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Portable Fans: A Breath of Fresh Air, Anywhere

As one of the most versatile and functional cooling devices around, the portable fan reigns supreme over chilling solutions like evaporative coolers and portable air conditioners (at least in popularity). They've been a constant staple in American homes since the first one was invented over 100 years ago. Those early versions were built from brass and less mobile than you'd imagine, but many households now keep multiple models throughout the home. They're easy to use and maintain a steady airflow throughout the day, all while keeping utility costs much lower than an air conditioner would. What these spinning blades might lack in might they make up for in usability. Whether you're looking for a how-powered model for your living room or a combination air purifier for the bedroom, you're sure to find the portable fans you're looking for at Abt.

Modern Airflow Technology

Like the original models from the early 1900s, these mobile fans are built for optimal airflow. But we've gotten a lot better at the science of ventilation since then. That being said, make sure you pick up one that's equipped to affect your space. For large rooms, you'll want something with a high speed, different settings, and probably an oscillation mode. That way, you'll be able to spread chilled air from one side of the room to the other without the need to reposition. Apart from oscillation and scaled-up power, many of the higher-end portable fans available on the market come with smart features like remotes. Brands like Dyson and Rowenta often include remotes, allowing users to change speeds, turn devices on or off, and even switch it from oscillation to stationary mode. When not in use, these remotes fit directly into the devices themselves, meaning they'll be nearly impossible to lose.

Environmentally Friendly

Whichever device you choose, you're bound to pick one that's better for your utility bill and the planet when compared to AC units—even environmentally friendly ones. That's because these ventilators simply don't work as hard as an AC does. With a simpler mechanical process and no need to condense or remove humidity, these ventilators (as well as ceiling fans) require a microscopic operating cost when compared to their electricity-gobbling brethren. And with no exhaust, coolant, or pollutants produced, mobile fans are some of the most eco-friendly ways to chill out. That being said, there is a downside to cooling off with a fan alone—they simply can't provide the same amount of temperature-dropping might that an air conditioner can. On sweltering days, even the most fantastic fan won't be able to bring high heat down. Instead, consider using an AC unit and a portable fan in tandem. When temperatures are low enough to manage, keep that AC off, but when they rise, use your fan to help blow colder air across your space. That way, you'll never be left with a home that's too hot. If you're not sure which ventilation station is best for your home, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to get a look at them in person.

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