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Rangetops: Divide & Conquer

Outfitting your dream kitchen with dream appliances? Know that you don't have to stick to the classic format of fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. In fact, home designers have recently made the push to split the bulky stove into two components—the wall oven and the rangetop. Instead of taking up valuable undercounter space with a broiler and stove, new buyers are more and more opting to fit their cabinetry with a rangetop instead. These high-powered burners save space below, all while giving your kitchen a clean, professional look that's just out of a commercial-style restaurant.

For a unified style, pair yours with a matching wall oven from the same manufacturer—or specialize with a steam oven or a different model that's tailored to meet your needs.

What Are These?

If you've never heard of the trending rangetop before, you're not alone. And they're easy to confuse with the very similar cooktop. What's the difference? It's not based on fuel. The divergence lies in two places: appearance and where the controls live. Flat cooktops incorporate controls like buttons and knobs into the top of the counter display, making these devices more two-dimensional. Meanwhile, the deep-set rangetop is built into your countertop instead of set on top of it, and your controls are set into the side—just like on a traditional stove. In other words, it's all about how much "stove" you want on your kitchen counter.

Keep in mind that natural gas is one of the most popular fuel types in both professional and amateur cooking. If you're going after a gas model, then finding one that fits your kitchen will be no problem. However, electric coil versions will be a little tougher to sniff out. If you're dead set on electric fuel, you may have to compromise with a cooktop instead. These heaters come in gas, electric and induction models.

Customize Your Culinary Space

Not all of these cookers are the same. With different numbers of burners, finishes, sizes and brands, finding one that fits your needs can seem overwhelming. Instead of picking one out from the crowd, try narrowing the playing field by looking at factors like dimensions and cutout size. An extra-large eight-burner model isn't going to fit in an extra-small kitchenette. Then start looking for features you definitely want in your dream burners, like high-powered burners stacked with BTUs to make boiling water and searing steaks a snap. For more specialized cuisine, check out models that integrate griddles and even French tops. That way, you'll be able to make breakfast specials like pancakes, bacon, omelets, and sausage extra-quickly. Whatever food is on the menu, make it delicious with help from rangetops at Abt.

Not Sure Which To Pick?

If your heart is set on a rangetop-wall oven combo but you're having a hard time finding the one that's best for your lifestyle, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store. Our specialists have been helping folks create their dream kitchens for years, and they'll offer one-on-one advice that'll help you find the perfect one. Several of the versions we sell online are on display in-store as well—feel free to come by and see them in person before you make that final decision.

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