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Outdoor Fridges: Cold and Convenient

Building your dream outdoor kitchen wouldn't be complete without an outdoor refrigerator. Outdoor refrigerators combine all your favorite aspects of your indoor refrigerator with weather-resistant capabilities like added insulation. Adding outdoor refrigeration to your backyard serves several purposes: you can keep ingredients like meat or vegetables outdoors near your grill while also stocking your family's favorite beverages and condiments so they're handy once it's time to eat. No matter what you store in your refrigerator, having one will eliminate constant trips inside for supplies.

Cool Temperatures, Cooler Features

Outdoor refrigerators take on a lot of responsibility in your outdoor kitchen so it's crucial that they have features that prioritize durability without sacrificing an attractive finish. They have to survive potentially harsh weather conditions while keeping your favorite bottle of wine chilled. To accomplish this, stainless steel is clearly the best choice, thanks to its sleek look and resistance to rust and corrosion. These fridges come in different styles to accommodate your outdoor kitchen's layout as well as your storage needs. We offer left-hinge and right-hinge door refrigerators as well as refrigerator drawers. For those who want a truly custom outdoor kitchen, panel-ready models are equipped to handle custom overlays and handles. Select models feature locking doors to keep hungry critters out of your refrigerator. Choose a refrigerator/freezer combo to store frozen treats that are sure to be a hit at your next BBQ. If you're an organizing expert who keeps their fridge meticulously color-coded, a glass-front option will show off your selection and make it easy to keep track of what’s inside. For forgetful grillers, a model with a door ajar alarm is ideal. An alarm will sound once your outdoor refrigerator's door has been open a certain amount of time, saving on energy costs and preventing your food from spoiling. Outdoor fridges should have an outdoor rating that indicates the model is made for use outside and can withstand repeated contact with the elements. For a more grown-up option, we also offer outdoor wine cellars to store and chill your favorite wines, ensuring they're always ready to drink. Store anywhere from 20 to 40 bottles of wine so you're always fully stocked for any beverage request at your next outdoor event.

Installing Your Outdoor Refrigerator

Outdoor fridges can be installed free-standing on your patio or built into your kitchen island. Each installation option has its own benefits. Free-standing installation allows you to install the fridge wherever you'd like, whereas built-in installation may be more convenient—but it also requires adequate ventilation around the fridge. Depending on the size of your outdoor kitchen, you may have room for more than one built-in refrigerator, with one for beverages and another for raw meat and other grilling ingredients. Proper installation not only gives you convenient access to your fridge but is also crucial for safety and proper function. Take advantage of our installation services and get your new appliance up and running quickly. Not sure which outdoor refrigeration option is best for you? Visit one of our experts at our storefront or call them at 800-860-3577.

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