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Relax in a New Massage Chair

Unwinding from a long day? Feeling the effects of an old injury? No matter what's causing your aches and pains, purchasing a massage chair for your home is a great solution. These chairs and recliners offer plenty of benefits beyond pain relief including improved circulation, improved flexibility and increased endorphin levels. Nearly all of these chairs come with pre-set programs for ease of use, but there are plenty of other features to consider. Most models will have a combination option that uses multiple techniques for a deeper, more intense massage. Enjoy a variety of treatments including kneading, shiatsu or Swedish massage. A popular new feature is stretching, perfect for winding down after an intense workout or long shift at work. Whether your job involves sitting at a desk or something more manual, you probably end the day feeling a little sore. Coming home to a sleek, powerful massage chair is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the night. With your muscles loosened and your mind at ease, you might even enjoy better sleep, too.

Depending on which massage chair you bring home, you can enjoy comfortable massaging for your feet, calves, ankles, back, neck and shoulders to target any areas of discomfort. Some chairs offer a heated massage to help loosen muscles and keep you relaxed. Newer models use technology to more closely replicate the feel of human hands for a professional masseuse experience at home. By eliminating the human component, you'll save money in the long run and can enjoy a massage whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. For the ultimate high-tech option, opt for a chair with Alexa built in—just ask your virtual assistant to start your treatment. From the living room to the bedroom to an entertaining space, these recliners bring comfort to the whole family. Position yours in front of the TV to enjoy a deep tissue rubdown while watching your favorite show or an exciting new movie.

Enjoy Custom Comfort

You can enjoy a relaxing massage while still investing in an attractive piece of furniture for your home. Our selection of chairs includes a variety of shades like sleek black, rich brown or cool grey; you can also choose from statement-making hues like blue or burgundy if you're looking for a massage recliner that makes a statement. Different silhouettes, from more modern styles to classic recliners, will fit your home no matter how it's furnished. There are plenty of other features to consider as well, from the material to the controls to the presence or absence of a cup holder. We offer all kinds of options to ensure that being comfortable doesn't mean sacrificing style. If you have questions about the first steps to take when buying one of these chairs, please call our specialists at 800-860-3577. You can also visit our store in Glenview, IL to sit back, relax and try out our massage chairs in person. For more information, we also have a massage chair buying guide to help you determine which features you're looking for to make an informed decision.

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    I've been waiting for 3 months for a local audio store to get my equipment in. If I didn't shop with Abt, I'd still be waiting. Abt was able to fulfill my order AND ship it to me very quickly.
    Donnie D. - Saint Joseph, MO
    November 2, 2021