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Mini Split System Air Conditioners

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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini split air conditioners are an efficient multiroom cooling solution. These systems equip rooms with their own ac units which are linked to a single outdoor unit that does the heavy lifiting. By outfitting separate rooms with their own wall mounted air conditioners, you can save energy by only cooling the space you're using. While you could install a window unit in each room, ductless air conditioners are quieter, occupy less space, and leave your windows unobstructed. The most basic ductless mini split systems include a single indoor unit linked to the outdoor compressor. However, most systems use multiple indoor units to provide your home with anywhere from two to eight climate zones. The inside portion of these ductless systems requires a small hole in the wall to connect a line set to the outdoor unit. The line set delivers refrigerant from the outdoor condenser to the indoor unit so that it can blow cool air into your room.

Many mini split AC systems offer ductless heating in addition to their cooling capabilities. These energy-efficient heating and cooling systems let you fine-tune the temperatures of different areas in your home year-round. By only adjusting temperatures in specific zones, ductless ACs with heat pumps make it easy to keep energy costs low. And without the ducts, these systems are easy to install and more efficient than central air. Check out our Air Conditioner Sizing and Buying Guide if you're not sure what system is right for your home. It offers detailed information about the various AC options and features you might want in your home. Or give one of our AC specialists a call at 800-860-3577 to discuss options and order a new cooling solution for your home. For our North Shore and Chicagoland customers, Abt can also install your new system. So don't wait until the dead of summer to start thinking about staying cool. Order your new system today.

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