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Hit The Pavement: Segway Scooters at Abt

Nothing will ever seem quite as fun as electrical scooters. Adults will love the high speeds and customizable action they can get from these low-wheeled devices, while younger kids and those looking for a new way to get around will appreciate a simple way to push and ride. Abt carries electrified Segway scooters, long famous for their self-balancing stand-up transporter. Since their first devices took the world by storm, these masters of transportation have teamed up with Ninebot to provide some of the most convenient ways to move around town since the first electric bikes.

Electrical Scooters

There are all kinds of scooters out there, from the multi-thousand dollar highway-rated ones with license plates to the kick scooters you see young kids pushing around the neighborhood. These motor-equipped kick Segway scooters are designed for battery-powered movement to get you from point A to point B. Whether your kids are riding them to high school a few blocks away or you're using yours to avoid crushing traffic commutes, know that these Ninebot Segway scooters are designed with safety in mind. Each one is equipped with a bright built-in headlight so that oncoming traffic will see you coming from far away—and helps you navigate home in the dark. A rear wheel brake makes it easy to stop on a dime, too. Meanwhile, plug-in charging capabilities make these Ninebot Segway devices easy to "refuel", and help to keep the planet a little cleaner than a gasoline-fueled model. The range you can go on a single charge varies between each model, with a maximum range of 40 miles for the KickScooter Max G30. Keep in mind that once you reach your destination, all you need to do is charge back up. Keep it plugged in while you're at work, school, or shopping, then ride yours back home. If you need to commute via train or subway, consider using a model that folds in half for extra versatility.


If you've ever dreamed of speeding around corners in high-octane NASCAR races, a kick scooter might not be enough energy for you. Instead, opt for Ninebot Segway go-kart instead. These electric Go-Karts are designed for kids and adults alike, with adjustable kits that are easy to use. The right pedal is "go", and the left pedal is brake, just like on a standard car. On newer models, wireless speakers provide engine sounds, infusing your ride with racetrack noise. Every time you hit the "gas" you hear it—and you feel it. Double-check to make sure your Go-Kart comes with all parts attached, as older models require an original Ninebot S to function.

Don't Forget Your Helmet

Whether you're moving down the street on a Ninebot Segway scooter or speeding around turns with a Go-Kart, it's always important to wear your helmet, especially when moving at high speeds. You can trick your vehicle out with all kinds of gear too, from seats and phone holders to extra battery packs designed for long-haul travelers. Not sure which electrical scooters are best for you and your family? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577, or come in and check out our display of Segway scooters in person.

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