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Gas Dryers: An Efficient Laundry Solution

Have you ever been rushing out of the house and run to the dryer to grab that one article of clothing that completes your outfit? Opening the dryer door to a mush of damp clothes at a time like this can throw your whole day off. If that's happened recently, it's probably time for a new gas dryer. A modern gas clothes dryer equipped with moisture sensors makes sure to fully dries your laundry every time.

When shopping for a new dryer, start by deciding between a gas dryer and an electric dryer. Although gas models cost a bit more upfront, natural gas is almost always less expensive than electricity. So the energy savings typically make up for the higher upfront costs. These energy-efficient machines are even better for the environment, especially because nearly 25% of electricity in the US still comes from coal.

The latest gas dryers offer top of the line features that allow you to customize your drying cycles. With so many cycles to choose from, you can keep your favorite clothes looking new longer. Adjusting heat settings and choosing a gentler spin cycle lets your laundry live a longer life. Several of the gas dryers for sale at Abt even include steam functions to freshen up lightly soiled items without using a washer.

And a gas dryer can save you time in addition to money. On average, natural gas dryers can finish a cycle in about half the time of an electric dryer. Then, the heat dissipates quickly as the unit powers down, minimizing wrinkles while your load waits for you to fold. Plus, a smart gas dryer can even send a notification to your phone when your clothes are ready!

Abt has a huge selection of both electric and gas dryers for sale to make sure we have the perfect model for any laundry room. Full-size models are perfect for families with large loads of laundry day after day. Smaller homes might prefer a stacked washer dryer that can squeeze into tight spaces while helping to save energy with smaller loads. Or you can get the best of both worlds with a full-size, stackable dryer and washing machine.

Shopping for a new appliance can be intimidating, but at Abt we make the process as easy as possible. Read through our Dryer Buying Guide for detailed information about the basics you'll need to know. Or call one of our appliance experts at 800-860-3577 for one-on-one advice. Then order from our selection of gas dryers from top brands like LG or Whirlpool and never worry about damp clothes again.

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