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Work From Home Essentials for Staying Productive

Home Office Essentials

Is your home office equipped with the tools you need to stay productive? Whether you have a room dedicated to your work or you share the couch with a roommate, having the right furniture and technology you can rely on is a must.

Work from Home: Laptops and Accessories

Laptops top the list of work from home essentials. If you're just getting by with an older model, it might be time for an upgrade. Instead of wasting time waiting for the computer to boot or spreadsheets to load, you could be crunching numbers or creating content. Make sure your work from home laptop has a solid state drive (SSD) to minimize startup and load times.

If you already have a laptop you love, there are plenty of other work from home accessories that are sure to make you more efficient. Connecting your laptop to a computer monitor gives you the screen real estate you need to multitask and analyze large data sets. Plus, you can use an external monitor and the laptop screen at the same time to get the most out of both.

Wherever you find yourself waiting on technology, Abt has a solution. For faster navigation, consider a mouse and full-sized keyboard to use in place of the trackpad and lackluster laptop keyboard. Or, if you have trouble getting Wi-Fi in your work space, consider a modern router or mesh network to blanket your home with coverage. Shop our above selection to get the most out of your workday.

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