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Professional gamers and passionate streamers need high-quality computing to keep up with their next mission. HD graphics and lightning-fast processing speed are a must when you're looking to win your next tournament or unlock a difficult achievement. Buying a gaming PC is much different than buying a PC for work or personal use. It's important to consider exactly how you're planning on using your PC before you make a decision. If you're a casual gamer who just wants an improved gaming experience, you probably don't need the most expensive model loaded with high tech features, especially if you're playing older games that don't have up-to-date graphics. Do you game on the go? If so, a gaming laptop is a great choice. If you'd rather play on a monitor, a compatible gaming PC tower is a must.

Our range of gaming PCs include a variety of processor models from the Intel Core i5 to the AMD Ryzen 9. Different processors have different benefits that are best suited for different games, so it is important to be sure you're picking the right one for your gaming habits. While all gaming PC processors are designed to process data extremely fast, there are still differences in quality. Processors with multiple cores split data processing between them for greater efficiency, but not all games need the maximum number of cores. Older games or non-professional gamers may not need to shell out for a top of the line gaming processor unless they've budgeted for such equipment. You can usually find out how many cores a game will use so you can buy the right PC for your game portfolio.

Additionally, make sure you note the amount of storage on the solid state drive, or SSD, of the computer you're interested in as well. Many of our offerings use SSD storage but there are many different storage options. For example, casual gamers may only need a smaller 512GB option, but gaming fanatics and professionals are better suited with something larger, like 1TB. No matter which size you choose, an SSD offers plenty of benefits like fast data reading and quick load times in addition to ample storage space. Perhaps even more important to consider is the graphics card in your new PC. A high-quality graphics card will improve frame rates while reducing lag times.

As opposed to consoles, which can require lengthy update times and are often obsolete in a year, gaming PCs are easy to adapt and upgrade to changing game trends. With choices in processor and storage space, gaming PCs also offer more customizability than console counterparts. You can play a range of games from different companies that might not offer cross-console compatibility. Your setup wouldn't be complete without the right accessories. Be sure to get a cool-yet-comfy gaming chair and a reliable headset to take your gaming experience to the next level. If you love fighting or racing games, a joystick or racing wheel will add a layer of reality to your virtual world. Pro or not, you'll be equipped to win.

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