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Marine Audio: Upgrade Your Summer Soundtrack

Whether you spend your summers on white sandy beaches or at lakeside retreats, there's nothing like enjoying a day out on the water. And your boat shouldn't be a silent partner on sunny afternoons—you'll want to turn up the volume. Instead of fiddling with tuners all day or settling for an underpowered Bluetooth® speaker, find the proper marine audio equipment at Abt. With a modern spread of speakers, subwoofers, radios, and amplifiers, it's easier than ever to tweak your sound system until it's finally perfect. No matter what you do in your watercraft, a proper sound system is an absolute must. Your pontoon needs a soundtrack for happy hour, while the waterskiing speedboat driver will want a pump-up playlist. Prep for the moment you hit that big wave with songs you can even hear from within the rear wake. The only person who might not need a proper marine audio system? A serious angler who exclusively uses their boat to fish—instead, invest in a decent pair of headphones. That way you still have access to your tunes and podcasts, and none of the lunkers below will be scared off.

Why Invest In Sound?

Some folks who know a bit about vintage boats might shake their head at the idea of revamping your marine audio set-up. Their logic? "Why install some of this technology if it could be obsolete in a few years?" they'd say, looking mournfully at the 8-track player under their dash. That's why Abt looks for gear that's as future-proof as possible. When choosing radios and speakers, look for gear that can connect to your smartphone in multiple ways—like via a USB 2.0 cable, Bluetooth® connectivity, or an AUX cord. That way, you'll be able to connect any way you want. And if your phone happens to lose its AUX port or your new device doesn't connect via USB 2.0, you can still hear your phone via Bluetooth®. Our tech isn't just future-proof—it's weather-resistant, too. There's no sense in having marine audio components if they can't stand up to the weather. Opt for pieces that are UV-resistant to deter any fading or cracking, as well as splash-resistant speakers and amps that can handle water exposure. Your yacht, speedboat, or pontoon will be ready to tackle any task (and can weather tough storms, too).

Not Sure Which Gear Is Best For Your Watercraft?

If you're having a hard time picking between two speakers or are unsure how many subwoofers you need for a 20-foot boat, know that you're not in this alone. Our Mobile Installation team has everything you need to create a proper sound system and can take care of the process all on their own. You pick the product, they install. And if you're not sure which products are the best, they will—our team has been installing custom audio systems for years. Bring in your car, pontoon, motorcycle or just about anything else that moves on the road or in the water. Our team will be able to get your sonic situation fixed up, and you'll be out on the lake again in no time. Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

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