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Built-In Grills

Ah, the classic summertime backyard. The kids are chasing the dog, someone is watering the garden, and you? You're grilling up lunch...on a portable grill? No, those should be reserved for tailgates and camping trips. Even if you have a full-size BBQ grill, it still might not be big enough to properly brown your meats and veggies. Instead, consider completing your ideal summer day with a full-size built-in grill, and start assembling your own outdoor kitchen. What's in an outdoor kitchen, and what does "built-in" mean? An outdoor kitchen can include all kinds of devices like pizza ovens or flat-top griddles, but at its heart is the classic grill and stylish multipurpose countertops. A built-in grill means just what it sounds like; with the appliance built right into your countertops instead of sitting on a stand or table. That way, there's no chance of knocking over your precious portable grill and that's just one of the benefits.

Why Go for a Built-In Grill?

The benefits of built-in grills make the investment well worth the effort. With hardware built right into outdoor countertops, you get a seamless design that instantly boosts the style and value of your home, all while making it easier to cook up your favorite steaks and chops. Nearby solid counter space means you can keep frequently used ingredients and sauces at the ready, and you can plate finished barbequed foods all at once. There's no running back and forth between your indoor kitchen and your built-in device with finished foods. Just cook, plate, and stash on the counter right next to you. Plus, built-in grills allow for a realm of possibility when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. Portable and stand grills stay on their own, but a central countertop means that you can build in all kinds of other appliances. Add a small refrigerator under the counter to keep beverages cool and at the ready, or install an outdoor TV to keep everyone entertained while you're frying up a feast.

Fuel: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane?

While the style and appliance possibilities for your outdoor kitchen are endless, fuel sources for your built-in grill are rather simple. Instead of choosing between wood smoking and charcoal grilling, these countertop models are simplified with the option of choosing from liquid propane fuel or natural gas. There are benefits and drawbacks to either fuel. With liquid propane, the main benefit is ease of installation. There is no difficult installation or need to run a natural gas line from the house all you have to do is attach your tank and start grilling. However, that does mean you're at the mercy of the amount of fuel in that tank, and propane can be a bit more expensive than natural gas. To keep fuel costs down and avoid trips to the supermarket for more propane, opt for a natural gas model instead. These are incredibly easy to use and you never need to refuel them, but they do require a natural gas line outdoors. If you already have one installed, the choice is easy. Keep in mind that a natural gas line can fuel a flat-top griddle and other devices outside as well.

Service and Support, Built Right In

Still considering whether an outdoor kitchen and built-in grill is the right move for your household? Check out our Outdoor BBQ Grill Buying Guide to explore all the options for grillmasters and apprentices alike. If you're interested in designing an outdoor kitchen, take a look at our article on the 16 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Accessories and Appliances. You'll find tips on what you need, and what you don't. Looking for a more professional opinion? Give us a call at 800-860-3577 to talk to one of our experts. We've got all the experience you need to help find the perfect built-in grill for your household.

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