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Trash Compactors: Keeping Waste to a Minimum

If you have a hard time fitting all of your family's waste into the bin on garbage day, you're not alone. Instead of squishing, sorting, and improperly recycling your refuse, make the switch and find a trash compactor for your home. These kitchen appliances perform just as advertised, compressing anything you add and flattening it down until it's a fraction of its former size. Perfect for anyone trying to ensure their waste takes up as little space as possible, these machines are a great addition to any home—especially an eco-friendly one. These devices work thanks to good old-fashioned physics. A motorized arm with over 1000 psi comes crushing down on your bin once it's completely loaded and locked. Some models will leave you with just 20-25% of the garbage you had before. That means less mess in your kitchen and a more efficient use of storage space everywhere.

For Both Waste and Recyclables

Unlike previous forms available on the market in decades past, the modern trash compactor is a multitalented beast. These can tackle everyday waste from things like food, plastics, and disposables, but work exceptionally well on certain recyclables. Use yours on aluminum cans, paint cans, plastic bottles, and even cardboard boxes. Then when garbage day rolls around, you'll have an easy time filling up the trash bin. Whether you're crushing plain old garbage or compressing recyclables, you're sure to save money in the long run on both municipal services and goods like garbage bags. If you live in a rural area where garbage pickup doesn't happen often or you have to manage your refuse on your own, these devices are an absolute necessity. You might currently need to drive out to the local dump and pay for garbage by the bag—that means multiple trips out of the house a month. With a powerful compactor, you can create the same amount of waste and pay for fewer bags. And instead of heading to the dump once a week, you'll be going once a month.

Tackle Odor and Loud Sounds

These high-functioning devices have developed a reputation in the past—older incarnations have had a hard time masking smells from compacted waste, and the extra-loud sound of the pressurized arm has left many homeowners skittish. That's why modern versions are often equipped with special features that'll make these devices a blessing, not a bust. Instead of leaving compressed coffee grounds and food waste at the bottom of the bin to stink, look for models that are built with high-tech filters. Elements like charcoal filters and even fans help to keep odors trapped inside the bag and away from the rest of your kitchen. Many trash compactors in our collection are built-in models, and some come panel-ready—that means they can be customized to match your kitchen's existing cabinetry. However your kitchen looks and wherever you're planning on putting yours, know that low-volume trash compactors are available. Look for versions that ensure the action of the crushing arms stays quiet, especially in a home with young children or noise-sensitive adults.

Which Trash Compactor Is Best For You?

If you're having a hard time picking out one for your home, you're not without resources. Give our experts a call on the phone at 800-860-3577. Our specialists will be able to pinpoint exactly what you need and can pick out the best one for your lifestyle. Alternatively, check out our Trash Compactor Buying Guide to learn more about available features and functionality.

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    The whole process was exceptional! Your sales staff was incredibly helpful, the shipment came on time with no issues, I loved having the delivery tracking system - it allowed me to do other things without sitting around waiting for a range of time. Before this large purchase (all appliances for our new house) I had bought a few things from you before without issues and I’m sure we’ll do business together for a long time into the future.
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    November 30, 2021