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A trash compactor means you can do away with that clumsy, smelly trash can hiding underneath the sink. Garbage compactors use a strong hydraulic press to compact trash into less than a quarter of its normal volume. Not only does this process reduce how often you'll need to change trash bags and empty the trash, it also helps trap odors from escaping like they in a traditional garbage can. Choose from our selection of trash compactor units from brands you trust, including Broan, GE and Viking, for a compactor that will provide the utmost convenience, while seamlessly matching your kitchen design.

Abt stocks a wide collection of high quality trash compactors. Feel free to browse in-store and online!

Using a trash compactor doesn't just make doing the chores easier, but actually streamlines the entire waste-removal process. A garbage truck that carries compacted trash can fit more loads in one trip than when it carries loosely packed trash, meaning it can make fewer trips and use less fuel. A common concern regarding the installation of trash compactors is that they'll be an unsightly addition to the kitchen, whereas a trash can may be hidden neatly from sight. The fact is that there are many options for installing a garbage compactor, and many of the best trash compactors can be outfitted with custom cabinet panels, so your guests would never know the difference.

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  • They were friendly, professional and very good at what they did. I now truly understand the Abt difference and why your guys are so highly reviewed. Amazing at the store and amazing in delivering the product. Thank you.
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    May 29, 2021